Best friends #NojotoQuote They don't need anything

"Best friends #NojotoQuote"

Best friends #NojotoQuote

Best friends #NojotoQuote

They don't need anything from you,
They don't wait for your decision,
They don't agree with you at any cost,
They don't have any future plans for you,
They don't support you at any cost,
They don't help you at any cost,
They don't miss you at any cost,
They don't have interest in your passion,
They don't blem thire self at any cost,
They don't advice you,
They don't want to see you happy,
They don't respect your emotions,
They don't understand your feelings,

But one person or Maybe many person those your best friend ,👬👬👬👬👬👬👬👬👬
Who always stay with you in every condition. No one can fulfill their empty ,
Best friend don't understand your feelings , okay..... No matter but if they stay with you ,then you can make it happen by your self ,,
No matter what they need from you,, Give them without asking anything.
There is no special dictionary to define or describe the best friend 👬...
If your best friend angry on you,it means that your future feelings not will be great bcz. They are your best friends and they have your feelings's mager,...
You can make your life good by every thing which you need and what are the necessary for a better life ,
But If you have one or more best friends then you will definitely achieve everything with Great Maddle,

They may be your childhood friends or college's friend.Nothing is important more than your best friends,

Many persons come in your life and gave you many many importance things or what ever you never can achieve ...but one best friend or more than one ... what gives you will be always great and greatest gift or greatest time for your.

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