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Ah! just lying on bed for 2 months became punishment for Ruby, She met with an accident in September and badly injured her backbone.

Ruby a single mother of 2 and 1/2 year old daughter Angel. She was not aware what happened to her mom but she knows that something is not good with her mother.. Angel can't say it in words but she expressed her emotions by her gestures.
Angel won't leave Ruby alone for a minute but at the same time wouldn't disturbed her sleeping Mother. She just want to sleep beside her, she want to feel her mother presence , she ate when her mother says to her.
Ruby and Angel was taken care by her family since she separated with her husband. Her family won't talk about that phase as they don't want to hurt Ruby.

it's been two long months for Ruby in the same room she don't even assume outside world however Angel is now familiar with this place and curious too to find out New things in her surroundings.

December started and winter's too knocked doors. Angel who just learnt few New words was amazed to see beautiful flowers in her garden, She love to touch them feel them but at the same time she feel scared as she don't want to hurt them.. Yes you heard it right Ruby taught her in this way where she thinks flowers are like us and if we pluck them then they will get hurt and feel pain, so Angel learn to praise every plant and flower .
Now Everyday number of sparrows hums in the morning as they want to see someone special and it's none of us.. it's Angel who without asking anyone goes to storeroom to get rice in her tiny hands for her sparrow friends. Angel love to feed these birds everyday.
Ruby was thinking of her past with closed eyes and few tears dropped from her eyes, she was not aware that her daughter was standing on door and watching her mother without uttering a single word.
Angel slowly went next to her mother and wiped her face with her tiny chilled hands. Ruby opened her eyes and looked pearl of her eyes. She took her and gave a nice hug to her, for that Angel giggled and kissed on her mother cheek. sound of her daughter's laugh makes her more strong. Then Angel asked to ruby "Mumma Aah(hurt), Mumma Aai(pain) . for that ruby has no answer because she don't want her daughter to go through with such pain in her life. Ruby just shook her head in a No gesture and hugged her tightly to feel her presence to get her strength back.. So that she will not melt again in this WINTER AGAIN....

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