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"I wasnt able to save them. (read the caption)"

I wasnt able to save them. 
(read the caption)

I wasnt able to save them. (read the caption)

It was a routine morning, I was preparing my breakfast and was getting ready to start studying for my exam.
Until I heard people cursing someone and a heard a faint cry.
It was coming from my neighbouring flat, this was strange cause I don't have any neighbours.
Maybe the flat owner finally found a tenant for there bad conditioned flat.
Their voice was getting louder each minute and the cries were getting low.
I reached to my balcony to see what's going on.
The only way I could do that is by peeping, and I saw two old Male and a very old lady cursing a girl.
I wasn't able to recognise her face, as I didn't have my glasses with me at that time.
At the time I was listening to them,
Someone came closer to the balcony.
I thought they saw me, interfering in their private property.
I rushed inside of my flat, but Phew they come to shut the balcony window.
The arguments continued till 12.
And then everything went deadly silent.
At the time I was doing this, my eggs were burned as I left them on the stove and I didn't turn it off. so I had to eat bread butter in breakfast,
After having my breakfast.
I started studying for my exam that was tomorrow and I hadn't prepared for it yet.
I was studying then I heard loud pop music, coming from that same flat.
I couldn't study due to that loud music.
So I got up and went to that flat.
I rang the flat bell thrice but no one responded maybe cause of the loud music and then I shouted who is the asshole. Shut the damn music.
And the music stopped.
A girl opened the door, she seemed to be 20 yrs old.
She had these golden hair highlights and an adorable face.
she questioned me are you the one? That said asshole?
I replied..yeah, I didn't know that a girl lives there and was playing loud music.
And the very moment I said yeah,
She punched me in my face and said grow up moron.
And shut the door.
It was quite a punch, maybe she broke my nose or messed with my brain.
I got up, she again started playing loud music.
I rang the flats bell again,
She opened the door and said what do you want looser.
I replied, please if you could lower the music a little bit, I have my exam tomorrow and I hadn't studied for that. That's why my response was like that when you didn't listen. I am sorry.
She looked at my face and said ok, I would stop the music and that was a good welcoming punch, I am sveni.
I replied I am Abby. Thanks for the punch,
I was going and I slipped.
On her and I fall on the floor and our lips touched and we kissed.
And I was like I am fucked.
Run Abby run. ..
I got up and rushed to my room. I sat on my studying table and started studying for my exam.i studied the whole day.
At night I was so tired, I even didn't use my phone. I slept early and woke up at 7.
Cause my exam was at 8 Am.
I rushed to my exam centre and the exam was easy. The exam got over at 10:30.
I went to my home, and I passed by scenes flat.
I knocked at his flat, but no one responded. Suddenly the door opened.
It was not locked, I walked through his flat It was almost empty, there were blood drops on the following.
I followed that blood drop trails it took me to the bathroom, sveni was lying on the bathroom floor, with a deep cut on his hand and blood was all around her. I was completely numb on seeing this, I lift her up. I don't know where I got the strength to lift her up. I rushed to the lift.
With sveni in my hands and blood coming from that wound.
I took her to the nearest hospital in my car.
I put her on a stretcher on reaching hospital and doctors took her to the emergency room, they came out and said we couldn't save her.
But there is something we need to tell you.
We lost two lives, one of seven and the child she was carrying.
I was like she was pregnant.
There was a note in her pocket and doctors gave me that note.
I am not sure, I had a one night stand, I got pregnant and my parents think that I am a slut, a whore, the guy didn't take her responsibility and I didn't have the courage to be a single mother and face the world.
I am ending two lives cause society wouldn't have accepted me and I don't have the courage to face my parents.

She didn't take the responsibility of the child, not the guy.
The one who didn't even saw the world died before he or she could say his or her first words.

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