Dr. Strange' Is The One of the best movie from Ma

'Dr. Strange' Is The One of the best movie from Marvel Comics

A super smart & confident neurosurgeon embarks on a journey of healing his hands after being badly injured, only to find the solution in a place in Nepal, but very soon finds out that the world he knew, and how it functions is very small compared to what is the reality and is then is drawn in to mystic arts.

He ends up learning the mystic arts & ends up owning the responsibility of saving it & finally saves it.
The best thing about this movie is storytelling, it glued me to the seat for the entire movie & kept me thrilled as to what will happen. The VFX used in the movie is to perfection. Moreover, after the movie was over I was thinking that how someone would have studied various concepts & stitched the movie & ultimately executing it to the perfection.

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