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five more highly visited places in Uttar Pradesh:

five more highly visited places in Uttar Pradesh:

16. **Gorakhpur**: Gorakhpur is known for its religious significance, especially as the home of the Gorakhnath Temple, dedicated to the sage Gorakshanath. Visitors also come to explore attractions like the Ramgarh Tal Lake and the Gorakhpur Railway Museum.

17. **Aligarh**: Aligarh is famous for its educational institutions, including Aligarh Muslim University. Visitors come to explore the university campus, as well as historical landmarks like the Aligarh Fort and the Maulana Azad Library.

18. **Meerut**: Meerut is known for its historical significance and is considered one of the oldest cities in India. Visitors come to explore landmarks like the Augarnath Temple, St. John's Church, and the Shaheed Smarak.

19. **Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary**: Located near Sultanpur, this bird sanctuary is a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. Visitors come to observe a wide variety of migratory birds, especially during the winter season.

20. **Bithoor**: Bithoor is a small town near Kanpur, known for its religious and historical significance. Visitors come to explore attractions like the Brahmavart Ghat, Dhruva Teela, and the Valmiki Ashram.

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