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Ajita Bansal

Never Give up, the things that you love most 💕💕 Be always happy

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Ajita Bansal


In summer’s golden sun they grow, 
On branches swaying to and fro,
 The mangoes, ripe with vibrant hue, 
A feast for eyes and taste buds too.

Their skins, a blend of green and gold,
 A tale of tropic warmth unfold, 
Within, a treasure sweet and bright,
 The taste of sunshine, pure delight.

From orchards lush to bustling street, 
Their fragrance, rich and ripe, we greet,
 A symbol of the season’s cheer, 
The mango, fruit we hold so dear.

In slices, cubes, or nectar's pour, 
They bring a joy we all adore,
 A burst of summer in each bite,
 A tropical dream in every night.

So let us cherish mango’s charm,
 With flavors that our hearts disarm, 
A gift from nature’s boundless grace, 
The mango’s joy, we all embrace

©Ajita Bansal
  #mango_tree mango an emotion

#mango_tree mango an emotion #Poetry


Ajita Bansal

                World Environment Day 

           In a world of emerald hue, we stand, 
        Beneath the sky, the Earth's grand hand. 
            With forests deep and oceans wide, 
        Our precious planet, our constant guide.

On World Environment Day, we raise our voice
, To cherish Earth, our ultimate choice. 
With every breath of fresh, clean air, 
We feel the love, beyond compare.

In fields of green and rivers clear,
 The heartbeat of nature, oh so near.
 Each creature, big and small, 
Has a role in this grand call.

Let's plant the seeds of change today,
 For a brighter, greener, sustainable way.
 With mindful steps and hearts aligned, 
Together, our Earth will forever shine.

So let's unite, in harmony's sway,
 For Earth's tomorrow, let's pave the way. 
On this World Environment Day, let's say,
 We'll protect our planet, come what may.

©Ajita Bansal
  #short_shyari world environment day

#short_shyari world environment day #Poetry


Ajita Bansal

White kuch chijen jab badalti hai
jab duniya thmti hai

par kismat ki un raaho me 
duniya ki jaan basti hai 

bhale hi aap pure shiddat
 se khush ho ya dukhi

kuch lamhe khushi se 
bhar jaate hai agar maano to

takdeer bhi uske sath hoti hai      
jisne khud ko bnaya hai

varna sochkar bhi kuch 
anjaan hai khud ke karm se 

ye bhul mat jaana ki kya kisne kya kiya 
ek din hakikat unhe bhi ayina dikhaygi

©Ajita Bansal
  #car kuch baaten

#car kuch baaten #Poetry


Ajita Bansal

White jindagi ki umeed kabhi nhi rakhni chahiye

©Ajita Bansal
  #car Poetry

#car Poetry


Ajita Bansal

White    Happy Birthday Mom🎈🎈🎈🎈

To the woman who gave me life, 
Who guided me through joy and strife. 
On your special day, I want to say,
 How much I love you, in every way.

Your gentle touch, your loving care, 
In every moment, you’re always there.
 With wisdom deep and endless grace,
 You bring a smile to every face.

Your heart is pure, your spirit strong,
 With you, dear Mom, I always belong.
 Today we celebrate your beautiful soul
, A mother like you makes life whole.

      Happy birthday, Mom, 
   may your dreams come true
, Here’s to a day as wonderful as you!

©Ajita Bansal
  #flowers Happy Birthday mom🎉🎉🎉

#flowers Happy Birthday mom🎉🎉🎉 #Poetry


Ajita Bansal

White your life long journey

you never think how far we are going through
its our unbearable thoughts 
which are coming in every minute
but what you change in your life
is important then what others think about
things comes & go 
but you are your own sunshine 
which keep you happiest in your ways

©Ajita Bansal
  #Buddha_purnima your life long journey

#Buddha_purnima your life long journey #Poetry


Ajita Bansal

White love yourself
who you are 

otherwise will change
 according to them

©Ajita Bansal
  #lonely_quotes love

Ajita Bansal

White jis din mehnat krna sikh gaye 
usdin se jindagi badlne me der nhi lagti

©Ajita Bansal
  #sad_shayari voice

Ajita Bansal

White जीवन की ये यात्रा, एक संगीन रहस्य, 
हर पल एक नया दृश्य, हर अंधेरे में एक उजियाला है।
 सफर की हर कड़ी, एक कहानी सुनाती है, 
अजनबी राहों में भी, कोई न कोई साथी है।

मंज़िल की तलाश में, हम सभी चलते हैं,
 हर रोज़ एक नया इरादा, 
हर रोज़ एक नया ख्वाब देखते हैं।
 कभी मुश्किलों का सामना, 
कभी सुख का सफर, 
पर सफरी में छुपी है जीने की सबसे 
बड़ी ताकत, उम्मीदों का रंगीन राग।

हर कदम पे एक नया सिक्का, हर चुभती हुई बात
, कभी गिरकर उठना, कभी उठकर चलना, 
हर कठिनाई में छुपा है एक सीख
, हर नीरसता में छुपा है एक संवेदनशीलता।

जीवन की ये यात्रा, एक संगीन रहस्य, 
हर पल एक नया दृश्य, हर अंधेरे में एक उजियाला है।
 सफर की हर कड़ी, एक कहानी सुनाती है,
 अजनबी राहों में भी, कोई न कोई साथी है।

©Ajita Bansal
  #love_shayari life long journey

#love_shayari life long journey #Poetry


Ajita Bansal

White bhale hi aaj tum us daud me nhi ho 
par ek din tum khud ke sath jarur chal rahe hoge

©Ajita Bansal