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Jatin Aswal Lives in New Delhi, Delhi, India

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Falling in love with you was like the best thing,
being in love with you messed up my life.

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Our hugs taught me the art of building homes in people. #NojotoQuote

Happy Hug Day❤️

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I may not be the best person to look upto,

but I will be the best person to look after you.

Promises like these...❤️

Sometimes you have to accept that you are actually full of flaws. And these flaws may act as a hindrance for your relationship. But that should never stop you from loving the other person. As the quote says "I may not be the best person to look upto", that means "Yes! I do have flaws. And I accept that or rather embrace them."
And the next line "But I will always be the best person to look after you" means "Even though I have flaws, but that will never ever affect the love I have for you."

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Texting Story - Episode 1
Here is a small attempt to try something different. Though this conversation happened long back in my life, but today I tried to make it lively again by giving it a new form. I hope you guys will like the effort.

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रोज़ तुमसे नफ़रत करने का एक बहाना ढूंढता हूं। 

रोज़ सौ बहाने मिल जाते हैं, तुम्हें और चाहने के।

Everyday I try to find one reason to hate you.

Everyday I end up finding 100 reasons to love you more.

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