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Mohita S. Siddharth

Hey everyone, I am a writer and author of "Silhouettes of Life" and I am new to this app A poem I wrote : The weight that is never lifted from my soul, Is the weight of the wait I have to go through To see you, talk to you, touch you. It's like the monsters in that darkness Waiting to bite me, the fear of losing you forever that never fades away. You are silent like the depth of the ocean but I can feel the shattering windows in my heart and brain, you wanted me to take a leap of faith, understand the silence, truly that isn't happening, the faith is long gone, though we pretend to be happy, we are not, never will be. The weight that weighs on my soul can never be lifted. These insecurities, lack of faith has ruined the beautiful relationship, see you say you are here always but i am still lost in time, the weight is just tearing me apart piece by piece. Someday, I will wether away and I would be free as the weight would be lifted and my soul would be liberated. - Mohita

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Mohita S. Siddharth

vo sukoon ke pal

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