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#NojotoVideoPerformers : Radhika & Reshma
( Dubai )

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बदन है मेरा दुनिया का कोई सातवां अजूबा नहीं जिसे तुम घूरते ही जा रहे हो 

 स्वाति शिखा लक्ष्मी


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So !!
Finally we are back again !!

As you all know for today Yamini and megha are our hosts.. to unlock the surprise.. You need to watch the video attached..
Thanks a lot guys for such an amazing topic for today..

To participate share your writings as write-up/audio/video/act/singing or in any form you can.. on Nojoto and share with us here on fb using

दोस्ती निभाने और मनाने का कोई निश्चित समय नहीं होता।। अभी भी Friendship day ki शुभकामनाएं आप सभी को ।। एक दिन गुज़र सकता है मगर दोस्ती बरकरा
रहेगी ।।
So enjoy this essence of friendship with two of these best friends..

Keep writing !!
Keep participating !!
Keep supporting !!

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#Nojoto #BabaJi

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#NojotoVideoज़िन्दगी के मौसम #KalakakshOpenMicDay8

"ज़िन्दगी के मौसम " Topic for #Kalakakshopenmicday8

By @Satyaprem

’Life takes us through different phases some beautiful , some rough, some colorful, some dark.

So based on that what you people have gone through and how you handled it.


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