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Alex Swartbooi

self-taught poet, introvert

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Alex Swartbooi

To impress my peers i took one puff
after that puff, there was no way out
dropped out of school to feed my addiction
mandrax and hubbly acted as a shoulder to lean on 

every Friday was just a party day party freaks overcrowded where we stayed
now that i walk next to my shoes 
nobody wants to walk next to me

my bright smile had fade away 
drug abuse discolored my teeth
my fingertips are hard as a stone
my face is full of stitch marks 

i had to cover them with tattoos
at such a young age,i had wrinkles
at home I'm innocent as a saint
in the streets,even dogs hesitate to bark.

©Alex Swartbooi #addicts

Alex Swartbooi

Traumatized by your sight
your presence is my plight
my woe is your pride
carve a way to ride 

last thing I want is a scratch
yet prefer not to be a snitch
took away my smile
all i do is whine 

thought you were my friend
turns out you my foe 
had to write an ode 
to my far fetched oke

even though my eyes are soaked
he will cheer me with a joke.

©Alex Swartbooi #Journey

Alex Swartbooi

in luv with a lie...
you promised me the world
dropped me in ocean of tears
made me believe in true love 
but disappeared into thin air 

when i needed you the most
is when you hurt me the worst 
the signs were always visible
but was blinded by your charms 

told me you would grow old with me
only now you realize that I'm too cold 
told me you would always be my side 
but all you've left is pic's and memories

thought that i met mrs right
while I was in love with a lie...

©Alex Swartbooi #broken pieces

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Alex Swartbooi

Dad please...
Daytime masquerade as a father
in the night his flaws appear
return drunk in night
just to start a fight
we flew from our nest 
flocked at mom's dearest
when sober,a loving dad
when drunk extremely bad
should i stay and decay 
should i flee and be free
gone is mom's pound of heart
as she rest in a mount of sand
as i remember my prime of time
gone are the days of sunshine

©Alex Swartbooi #life lessons

life lessons #Poetry

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