sivasaravanan chibi

sivasaravanan chibi Lives in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Nothing to say pride of me , but standing with hope

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I am the one who seeks for 
love and care 
but coward to have 
a commitment

The so called love
#Love a longing of boys and girls Everyone in life do seek care and affection from someone ..someone special to them .. some times life offfer it selfless , sometimes it carries on with commitment, the commitment crushes at sometimes.... If u are not strong at your strand do not make a commitment ....It is good to say that I am coward to have a commitment which would inflict pain only now .It is even good to say that to the special person that u are not special to me which may hurt the both but to be healed soon.....said bcs of true love
A tale of love by siva

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Love stands good as love
expels when expectations exceed
perishes on possessiveness
dies when laspsed with lust


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Tears overwhelmed when u are wrapped with tricolor ,u got it as triumph the real titan

hearts broken when the  bone are buried not the deeds
lets decide that  the decades of debate dies ,devoir to be delivered 

To the terror u had pierced the heart inflicted with pain , u can never put the peace down as we stand one ,
ur fate faints as the forces are freed..

Jai hind
To the titans ...
#India #therealheroes #martyr

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Only timid says the time is bad 
be brave enough to say 
I make my time 

U make your time
Write your fate... If u say that it's my fate u are old , the youth says I write my fate - words of Vivekananda

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Self discipline is the only talent which leads u to be triumph

It is putting all ur effort on the table , it doesn't matter that u have inherent skills or not , is about growing inside out....

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