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Will you pay that price?

The world is full of people looking for the shortest way to the greatest life.
But they fail to realize the greatest life takes the greatest journey to get there.

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#Greatest #lifequotes #realize #Journey

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Direction is more important than speed.

#direction #Important #Speed #motivationalquotes

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"स्कूल छूट जाते हैं... पर इम्तिहान कहाँ ख़त्म होते हैं...!!"

स्कूल छूट जाते हैं...

इम्तिहान कहाँ ख़त्म होते हैं...!!

ฮหδฮฮż-ĕ-şђฮγฮѓเ/£ỡυĕ & ĕmỡτเỡหş

स्कूल छूट जाते हैं...
#इम्तिहान कहाँ #ख़त्म होते हैं...!!


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Unfortunately, many people think that the uncomfortable feelings of wating something they do not expect to experience is what the feeling of desire is: They no longer recognize the feeling of pure desire as that fresh, eager feeling of expectancy that they knew when the were younger.

The feeling of pure desire is always delicious, as it represents the vibrations that are stretched out before you into your unseen future, preparing the way for the law of attraction to match things up on your beha

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Best philosophy in life to keep mind happy!!

I don't know whether success gives happiness or not, But a happy mind can always lead to success.

#Success #Happiness #feelings365

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