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Shabana Nafees

16/9/21 Its raining cats and dogs ...And memories today !

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बारिश में...

तुम्हारे बिना ही महफ़िल तुम्हारे संग जमा ली है
एक तुम्हारी ख़ाली कुर्सी दूजी चाय की प्याली है

Its raining cats and dogs ...And memories today !

Hoori Nadir

#yqbaba#yopowrimo#AllSeasons#twg#yqtales Challeng eall seasonsummermonsoonwinterautumn Challenge initiated by Alishbah Madiha Siddiqui

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The scorching heat of Summer
Remind me the childhood
The vacations giving blast 
And loads of ice cream
Now story of the past.

Came my favourite season
Remain happy without reason
It's raining cats and dogs
And we are catching the frogs.
Again pleasure never last
This is story of the past.

The Autumn I used to hate
Because of exam date
Same weird results
And the after assaults
Now exams are story of past
And life is moving very fast.

Go for the thermal wear
Winter is coming near
Take rest in the quilt
Forget your earlier guilt
Season coming and going fast
Life  is writing stories of past.

Now happy without reason
Let it be .... Love every season
These are the God's gifts
Say thank you for every bits.✍

Challeng e#all season#summer#monsoon#winter#autumn
Challenge initiated by Alishbah Madiha Siddiqui

bright world

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Likith Likith

cat and parrot love #CAT #Cats #Dog #viral #najato #you #Ya #Love

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Dogs living with cats #Dogs #Cats #Living #Poetry

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Dogs living with cats

Sometimes a dog needs a friend 
A cat you can send

Sometimes a dog feels alone
A cat to share his home

Sometimes a cat could help mend
A dog that is lonely

Sometimes a cat is the one and
Friend he'll share his bone

Sometimes a dog becomes restless
A cat to keep up his guesses

Sometimes a dog needs to cuddle
With the cat inside their huddle

Sometimes a cat becomes bored
Greet it with
A dog to play some more

Sometimes a cat needs comfort
Have it meet
A dog that won't try to hurt

Sometimes two creatures just need 
The reassurance of the other
Regardless of animal types

©Schizology Dogs living with cats

#Dogs #Cats #Living