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Mr. Ankit #विचार

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walking on tour #Life

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cute baby on tour #कॉमेडी

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India U. P.

Mr. Ankit Chaurasiya #lonely

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Only Nishhh

Tour #Comment #Tour #Mythology

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Lc B

On Tour .. Aabb challenge ©2019LCBey

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    Drivin fast in my favorite car
Makes me feel just like a rock star
Dodging groupies day and night
Tinted windows hide my sight
When im chillin up on stage
Audience energy starts to rage
I sit, i chill and read real slow
Before i know it, its time to go
Security comes, beefed up and hardy
And take me to the after party
I get to meet my loyal fans
Sign as many books as i can
We dip off in darkness, under stars
Til once again im in my car On Tour ..
Aabb challenge

Komal Bari

tour #Society

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Rahul Sinha

tour #Sports

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Aditya Kumar

tour #News

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Muhammad Talha

Tour #Love

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