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Partha barike

Let's send in some fireballs.. #Videos

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Thara nanjunda sastry

Farewell to a colleague

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Dear Rohith, 

You know Friends are forever
our ties Will be broken never

May your skills bring productivity
your abilities fetch you capability
Though you are away from publicity
Everybody finds in you flexibility

You have lots of capacity
Friends can feel at proximity
You are the person with 
Every step you expect equality

I wish you the best in your 
future endeavours Farewell to a colleague

Gulshan Kumar

#farewell... 2nd in the queue

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Madhav Jha

Finally.... farewell to you all. #yourquote #allwriters #yqteam

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love you all guys! i had a lovely time here but now no more!... Sorry and apologies if in anyhow by chance i hurted someone!; i'll miss you all, take a good care. you all are lovable to me.

#yourquote. Finally.... farewell to you all.

Dr. Sumayya Hasan

Farewell to my college #yqbaba #yqqoutes #yqdidi #farewell #collegelife #yqbaba

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Aaye the beyaqini se ghire hum sabhi 
Ke jane hoga kya nayi jagah hai nayi zindagi 
Jane kab ye chaman apna banta gya 
Barson ka safar lamhon me beet gya 
Aaye hain jo din qareeb jane ke yahan se
Mile jule se dil ke ye  ehsasat hain 
Khushi aur gum se hain hum ghire
Lagta tha yaad kabhi is jagah ki aayegi nhi 
Ab mehsoos ho rha hai ke ye jagah zindagi se kabhi jayegi nhi.

 Farewell to my college #yqbaba #yqqoutes #yqdidi #farewell #collegelife #yqbaba

ꜱʜᴀʀɪ ʟᴀʟᴜ

Farewell to dis great day

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Hugging ur memories,welcome dis n8 Farewell to dis great day