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Chitra Iyer

#cinemagraph #pennpopcorn #pickaline #pickaline142 life #Inspiration #chitsinspiration I will always be by your side when the terrain get

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Relax. Surrender  #cinemagraph
#pennpopcorn #pickaline #pickaline142 #life #inspiration

I will always be by your side
when the terrain get

Alok Vishwakarma "आर्ष"

night falls
dawn bright - light, right?
sun stalls
day's blight - sight, aight?

eyes rain
heart fills - reels, spills?
i'm in pain
life grills - drills, heals? #night #blight #pain #right #alokstates #bright #prolove #aight

Prashant Vats

Light and Night  Dear lights, 

Please stop killing our Nights. #Dark #light #night #fight


Light of soul #Lights

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let your light so shine.

©SARI MAHI Light of soul

Mo k sh K an

दिल की अपनी सुनते जा
हर साँस ज़िन्दगी बुनते जा
खुद को खुद ही चुनते जा
रंग रौशनी धुनते जा
दिल की अपनी सुनते जा

©Mo k sh K an #Light 


Rajesh Jha

Swings of fight sight

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What should I write
How can go future decide
Why do we reveal past in late night
What makes us to scratch bedsheet fright
Why the pillow are wetting with alone fight
Why I am puzzled as thread in a kite
Shall I go as free as river flow from that height
Should I blow the horn of my mind in this light
Wait, something is wondering over the rays of my plight
My moods are stopping me to be more polite
Why society wants a boy who never cry,
and the girl who could never walk after 9 of night
We always scare of society's four people
Who would make image of blind sight
Why the wave of ocean flaming the heat inside
Could you please go ahead of this dark side
What would we do to make our free flight
Should we go overwhelmed with the happiness light
Could you please span my wings to take my flight
Find me where I am not having inside fight
Console my heart which is flaming bright
Lift the viel which trouble to differentiate the side
We need to have a false sight
Which create one of us with star bright
A life which constains miles of faith insight
Where you deliberate to solve the life light
Coming out to hope reality being polite 
I am puzzled with me and with my swings in this night 
 Swings of fight sight