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Ashwanika Singh

Music is love

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Music heals all my pain,
Whatever sorrows I gain.
  Music takes me to that road,
Where my feelings got broad.
Music pampered me when I was crying,
When my heart was sad,but trying.
Music cured my illness,
When I was thinking of my willingness.
Music helped to restore my memories,
When my brain was thinking of glories.
Music gave me strength to be brave,
When I was being grave.
Music is the only path where I disclose my pain,
And the easiest mode which I gain. Music is love

आलोक कुमार

#Music is love #nojotophoto

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 #Music is love


Music is love. ❤️

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Music is the only thing which makes you forget all your worries.
It  gives words to your emotions.
When you are sad you listen to a sad song and then you can feel every word in your heart.
When you are celebrating you can groove to the beats of your favorite song.
It relaxes your mind and refreshes your mood. Music is love. ❤️

Shabnam islam

music is love❤️

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music is something which can heal any soul..
mend a broken heart..
Bring smile to a sad face..
enlighten a mood of a party..
music is just something which i can't live without...
music is everything to me..
music is love ❤️ #NojotoQuote music is love❤️


Music is love ❤ #thought

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Hip-hop is a culture Music is love ❤