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Education maters if one becomes a human by it.

Education maters if one becomes a motion by it.

The motion of perfection,
the motion of satisfaction,
the motion of humanity.

education maters if it makes a perfect future,

future of women.,
future of children,
future of its worthy one.

education maters if it can remain you a human,

education maters if it can let you not being a machine.

education the word which define always a human power.
     Plz be a human,  a let the education for all not for a single, community and gender .#Education


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Education is the best policy to survive our life.
Education lives makes our life happy.
Education turns your personality.
Education makes a man intelligent.
Man knows to what is right and what is wrong.
In our life Education must to live.

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शिक्षण सर्जनात्मक कर्म है | ज़िसका उद्देश्य तयशुदा से परे जा कर नए खोंज करना हैं | हमें केवल  बच्चो को पढ़ना नहीं सिखाना हैं | उन्मे risk लेने की power को develop करना हैं | विथाउट risk कुछ new नहीं हो सकता| आज education field एक क्रांती की ज़रुरत हैं | आज के बच्चो को एक modern education system की ज़रुरत हैं | पहले की तरह उनके पास education प्राप्त करने का साधान केवल teacher  मात्र नहीं हैं , उसके पास education प्राप्त करने के कई माध्याम हैं, ज़िसमे एक kranti हैं internet का. उसे पढाने की  ज़रुरत नहीं सिखाने की हैं .

education system

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An ingrdient of success.

Passion. Passion.

Everybody has some goal in their life. But to achieve that goal the most important thing is the passion towards it. If you're passionate about your goal, your only focus will be on things that take you to your goal. You'll do things that is directly or indirectly related to your goal.

When you're passionate about anything you put all your efforts in gaining it. You do all possible things that ease your hurdle. You work with your full potential. One day your passion reaches upto that level where you can't think about anything else except your goal. Your goal is always on your mind. A passionate mind never feels tired.

We all are social medial user. We all are on facbeook, whatsapp, instagram, twitter. We can use these as a weapon to fight our battle of achieving our goal. If you're doing preparation of any exam. Subscribe pages, channels and posts related to that particular exam on these social media sites. It will surely help you. Things we read in a light way often gets stuck in our mind. You can watch videos on YouTube. Things that we hear have more impact on our mind than those of the things that we read. We can use twitter to stay update with current world and its incidents. We all have wallpapers on our phone screen. Use thise wallpaper that are related to your goal. Whenever you pick your phone, it will always remind you about your goal and your mind will automatically become conscious about it.

But passion doesn't cime easily. First of all you'll have to be serious about what you want to do. Make a strategy and execute it in a serious mode. When you get serious about it, it soon changes into passion and when it has become passion the destintaion is not so far to be reached.
Stay loyal to your goal. Keep your eyes opened. Spend time with people who have positive mindset. Have confident on yourself. Half battle is already won when you're filled with confident and rest half can be won with passionate hard work.

Work hard and let the success kiss your feet.

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in past 20yrs there is a lot change in education

blackboard change into white or greenboard
chalk into marker(phle baccho ko calcium bi mil jata tha:)
sarso ka tel into set wet gel(sarso ka tel done a great job subha se sham tak baal set rehte the)

come to d headline:-
students' fear towards teacher now change into teachers' fear towards students coz; teacher only used to beaten studnts, but now studnts become murders..

dis is due to d irresponsibility of parents and teachers

#Education apart of education, but a part of education# short story#nojoto hindi eng mix

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