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If you have worth
No one can stop you

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Chakravarti Samarat Ashoka
Ashoka the Great
Title are given to Ashoka

You may know that he wasn't chose for succesor of his father
as he was not eldest son and(
according to rituals at that time eldest son is successor of his father)
Bindusara fell ill and wanted Sushim(his eldest son )to take over the throne. During that time, Sushim wanted to end the life of Ashoka as he felt his presence as a threat to his supremacy. In a tussle between them Ashoka killed Sushim and also some of his other brothers who did not support him. Bindusara wanted Susima to succeed him but Ashoka was supported by his father's ministers. ... The coronation of Ashoka only happened in 269 BCE,
(here I am not promoting violence but despite of king bindusara what his son sushim to became his successor his minister supported ashoka
why ??
Because he was worth of being next chakravarti samrat

Same story with twist
Maharana Pratap
A great historic figure from rajasthan
Do you his was not appointed as successor of his father inspite being eldest son of his father

why this happen

Jagmal Singh was named as the successor by his father Maharana Udai Singh when the latter was on his deathbed as Jagmal was the son of his favourite queen, Rani Dheerbai Bhattiyani despite the fact that the Maharana’s eldest son Pratap was the rightful heir for the throne of Mewar. Not only was Pratap the rightful heir, he was also the most capable successor to the Maharana as well which was recognised by the nobles of Mewar.

As Jagmal was being coronated after his father's demise, the nobles gently pulled him aside and told him

Again here why noble and minister of mewar supported Pratap because he was worth of became next Rana of mewar

both are great figure of Indian history

We just have to make ourself capable opprtunity will definitely going to find us

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Death Angel
Death Angel
why do you stare at me so?
I know that it’s me you have come to take,
I can feel it’s my time to go.

Death Angel
Death Angel
I know why you wear a grin.
The time has come to punish me,
to make me pay for all of my sins.

Death Angel
Death Angel
is your silence to mourn-
the passing of a foolish man,
like the calm before the storm?

Death Angel
Death Angel
why do you stand so still?
Am I not worthy of a single move?
Will I be that easy to kill?

Death Angel
Death Angel
why do you torment me so?
Why not just get it over with-
and take me, it’s my time to go!

Death Angel
Death Angel
why do look to my right?
Oh no, my son!
Oh no, my son!
He's playing just outside!

How long has it been since I last checked on him?
Ten minutes, maybe more?
I will not let you get to him,
I have to beat you to the door!

My son!
My son!
come back over here now!
Don't wander off that far!
What’s that noise?
Oh no the road!
Son look out, a car!

Death Angel
Death Angel
what more can I say?
I’ve lost my wife,
and now my son.
I'll see you again by the end of the day.

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Let us protest the inner pretension.
Let us not say daughter is equal to son.
When we bring fake smiles upon birth of daughter,
celebrating it for society not for our pride or ostentation.

With the advent of son,
inner celebration matches with the outer society.

We impart education to girls,
aiming to search for her qualified bridegrooms 
as if they are the white burdens 
of the family.

Sons are encouraged to do higher study even if the standard doesn't permit.

Yes, sons are considered to act for the bosom of family 
and daughters, the visible burden.

If son is prodigal,
parents hope for the return of prodigal son 
And if the girl is a prodigy,
rarely she wins attention.

let us protest the inner pretension 
let us not say daughter is equal to son.


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Dear dad,
Here your son.
One and only son.
I don't know whether am your lovable one or not.
And i always try to be a best son for you. 
I know you'll never hurt me but i think it's me, who always hurting you.
You always used to say that you're friendly to me, but i haven't feel that you're friendly to me. 
I think that am didn't have done anything great to make you proud. 
I don't know whether am wrong.
I don't know whether am perfect.
I don't know whether you like me or hate me. 
I wanna hold your hands and say i need your love and caring. 
It's all because your silence killing me. 
My lovely dad,
I love you forever.
I need you forever. 
You're my hero forever.
You're my inspiration forever.

And i want to share my feelings with you,
but you'd never listened to it.

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Her lips shimmered lusciously..
As she smeared the red lipstick all around her lips...
The kohl tinted tears consoled her heart,
And she draped the red saree framing her shape...
She had to go to a party... 
Her silver marriage anniversary..
As she walked down the aisle,
She heard whispers...
Whispers revealing the dark tales of her life...
Whispers questioning her oomph ..
Whispers questioning her love..
She closed her eyes desiring to shut the windows of her soul...
Yes! She had worn a red saree..
Yes! She had decorated herself..
Why?? No... No one asked her..
Hugging her son's cold corpse when  she tried to feel her numb self, 
No one wiped her tears...
But today .. today when she opened her son's diary,
She read her son's complain against her,
"My maa is very beautiful. But she drowned all her dreams and aspirations for me. Still I failed. I failed to come upto her dreams.
But today, today If I die, She'll again dress beautifully... 
And smile like she used to do in the days of her modelling..
Maa, please relive your dreams through my corpse.."
And his mother found another reason to kill her social self ,
And live with her son..!!

|The kohl tinted tears|

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