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Akshay Vasu

Ally to gods and demons #akshayvasu #Gods #demons #Poetry

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He was the closest ally the gods had. He was the closest ally that demons had, too. At any given moment, what he would be was impossible to guess. You would curse something, and he would save it. And you would have bestowed with a boon which he would turn into a curse. He was a link between life and death, black and white, darkness and light. His touch would always make you suffer, but you would still crave it.

©Akshay Vasu Ally to gods and demons

#akshayvasu #gods #demons

M Manish

Males' Tales

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NOT IN CIRCUS Males' Tales

Sakshi Vashist

Inching away from fear
I only found
More demons

 #fear #demons #scared #demon #4321poem

Bharath Nandibhatla

When life gives me demons, I ask for demon-aid. #demons #bed #Head

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O demons under my bed,
I'm sorry we lost touch.
The demons in my head
were haunting just as much.

Like unsung heroes of war,
you lurk in the shadow...
beneath my bed,
watching me grow.

You feel unattended
as my fears outgrow you,
as they cling on to worse:
the demons in my head. 

You were my friends
on a lonely night.
Unlike the ones 
in my head who
never let me a
night in solitude.

O demons under my bed,
I miss you dearly. 
Save me from those in my head,
they're killing me nearly. When life gives me demons,
I ask for demon-aid.

#demons #bed #head

Heart&Souls Words

She : Does it mean we can't see each other anymore?
He : No, it only means we can see each other only by closing our eyes. #nojoto #tales #tale

Prince Martin

#tales #story #dastaan #kahaani The tale of Lorenzo #Mythology

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The Tale of Lorenzo:- The Legend

The Tale of Lorenzo was inspired by the story of Hatim tai and his magical sword, how he faced all those obstacles on his way using his strength and courage, his adventurous Quest . The Tale of Lorenzo has a similar concept about the magical sword and apart from that, the entire set of story is completely different . 

The Tale of Lorenzo is an epic saga of bravery, tragedy, and redemption. Lorenzo, a young and talented swordsman from the village of Gravestone, dreams of becoming a powerful warrior like his father. However, fate takes a cruel turn when his parents are brutally killed before him.

Consumed by anger and grief, Lorenzo seeks vengeance against his parents' killers, but he is saved in his darkest moment by Winter Guy, a mystical being with incredible powers. Winter Guy takes Lorenzo under his wing and brings him to the Winter's Empire, where a warrior training institution exists.

In the Winter's Empire, Lorenzo finds solace and friendship in Louis, who becomes his best friend and constant support. They grow up together, becoming formidable warriors dedicated to protecting the innocent. However, their bond is tested when a new threat emerges, and they are sent on separate missions to save villages captured by unknown foes.

Lorenzo returns to his birth village, Gravestone,after a long time only to find himself disguised as a slave under the rule of higher powers. The village that took his childhood away and gave him pain,once again destiny brought him back to the village of Gravestone to become a hero.
In his quest, he meets Lenden, a like-minded individual who shares similar pain and becomes his ally. Together, they free villages, making friends along the way.In a dream, Lorenzo is granted the Frost Blade, a godly weapon with the power to absorb and channel energy. With the Frost Blade, Lorenzo and his allies vanquish the higher powers, but Lenden tragically sacrifices his life for Lorenzo.

Lorenzo then decides to raise Laden's son, Joseph, as his own, promising to protect him. Years pass, and Lorenzo leaves his warrior life behind to focus on giving Joseph a better life. However, destiny doesn't allow him to become an ordinary man, as Joseph was kidnapped by the returning higher powers who seek a powerful gemstone.

With his aging body, but the determination of a father, Lorenzo embarks on a dangerous journey, even descending into hell itself to rescue Joseph. In a climactic battle with a dark sorcerer, Lorenzo was turned into an indestructible statue but he managed to turn the sorcerer to ashes by wielding his magical sword the Frost Blade.

Lorenzo remains in his statue-like state, guarding the gemstone, while Joseph continues his training, ready to take on the legacy of his foster father as a legendary warrior. The tale of Lorenzo is one of sacrifice, love, and the enduring strength of the human spirit against all odds.

©Prince Martin #tales #story #dastaan #kahaani 
The tale of Lorenzo