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Aleem Nasir

This fire needs extinguisher.... ##Aleem Nasir...

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 This fire needs extinguisher....
###Aleem Nasir...

akhlaqur Rahman

extinguisher #News

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Akshay Vasu

The fires akshayvasu fire fears #Thoughts #SunSet

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And if you begin assuming that every fire started in this world will reach your home and burn it down, you will never get to stay in your home. You will always be putting off the fires which you didn't even start. The fires which wouldn't even affect you.

©Akshay Vasu The fires

#akshayvasu #fire #fears

Govind Kumar

A C Operater

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Mansi Rajput

A letter to the Woman Of Water #Water #Fire #yqbaba #yolewrimo

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We both are made of water. I, the river of curiosity
You, the ocean of answers. Your knowledge is my destination. 

I was reckless, unstable and confused, someone poured petroleum in me and lit the match and ever since I am flowing and burning rashly all at once.
I don't know if I'll provide salvation to people or destroy their very existence. Because I'm capable of doing both. 

But what's similar between Us is that They can't break water.
They can't break us.

They say, the Sun is older than Earth, but the water we drink is so much older than the Solar system. They also say that water has it's own memory. 
Maybe that's why I feel older than my age. And how I so wish I was born a century earlier.

They can pollute water, and it will take it all in, water will forgive them all, wash their sins and still purify itself even if it takes billion of light years.

When I talk to you, I experience the smallness of my limited knowledge, but there's the might of endless possibilities also. 

And I aspire to become a woman like you.
As fierce. Brave. Powerful.
A woman with audacity. A letter to the Woman Of Water

#water #fire #yqbaba #yolewrimo


Dedicating a #testimonial to Fire bird

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तेरे खुबसूरती से जलता है वो चांद 
तभी तो तेरे वादियों में निकलने से 
वो बादलों में छिपता फिरता है ।। Dedicating a #testimonial to Fire bird