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Ujjawal Kumar

Unconditional.... Conditional #poem

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O come on! Don't talk about books...

Even the mother's love may be pure but it's not unconditional... 

I say it.. Unconditional.... Conditional

Mehwish Wakeel

True meaning of Love ❤️ #unconditional

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No kisses .
No hugs.
No chocolate.
No expensive gifts .
No sex.

People say , "Love in the old time was so boring ".
but it wasn't boring , it was classic.
Live back then , was free from any kind 
of lust and greed. the only thing that used matter to couple was liove, nothing else.
 Honestly , only they knew that the true meaning of love. True meaning of Love ❤️
#Unconditional #Nojoto

Swati Rani

unconditional love loveuncondition# unexpextation #Happiness

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mohabbat roshni maangne nhi.. roshni failane ka naam h.. to apni mohabbat ko maangiye mt usse bas mohabbat kijiye unconditional love 
love#uncondition# unexpextation #happiness

Surya Prakash Gaur

Unconditional love True love

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Pyaar Ko pane ke liye attitude ko chhodkar koshish karni chahiye #NojotoQuote Unconditional love 
True love

Shubhajit Sen

Love leads you through many hardships and forces you to give up.

But if it is true, unconditional and you got a pure heart then  that damn feeling will give you the courage to face all the difficulties with a smile on your face and a dream of satisfaction in future ...  #true#pure#unconditional#love


#dhadkan #true loveunconditional love

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दिल की धड़कने बढ़ जाती हैं जब  दो इशकजादे

 लड़की=तू हर बार क्यों मुझसे हार जाता है

लडका=क्युकी मुझे तुझे जितना है तुझसे नहीं जितना

लड़की=तू किसका गुलाम बनना पसंद करेगा

लडका=मरते दम तक बस तेरे इश्क़ की गुलामी करूंगा

लड़की=अगर कोई तुझे बेइंतहा मोहब्बत दे तो

लडका= ताउम्र उसका कर्जदार रहूंगा। sm❤️✍️ #dhadkan #true love#unconditional love