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Sonia Narwani

# Lot of things to do in life #Poetry

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Pain, Try to do things in Limit

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Nandani patel

3 things to do #Thoughts

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#Do good things in life

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Agar khulwana ho apne liye swarg ka darwaja,
 to punya gine jate hain chahe bikhari ho ya raja...🤗🤗 #do good things in life

Sushmita Singh

every thing I want to do in my life..

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I want to explore my self as possible as...
because my best yet to come.. every thing I want to do in my life..

Rk Rizvi

in Udaipur park

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 in Udaipur park


#Worldhabitatday things to do before die

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Go on safari
Get married
Run a marathon
Fall in love
Get a tattoo
Meet my idol
Do volunteer work 
Donate blood
Go skydiving
Have a child
Fly first class
kiss or dance in the rain
Eat at a 7star restaurant
Create a dream home
Go on a hot air balloon 
Bungee jumping
Long drive with wify
Take parents abroad once
Delhi tour with wife 
Being bodyengineer
Learn martial art #Worldhabitatday things to do before die

Nishant Thakur

#Dont fear to do new things ##

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Things you do #Things #Her #Do #Love

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Things you do

The things you do
That make me go oooh
Like the wonderful view

Your insatiable giggles
My brain that it tickles
Then my heart twinkles

The look as you scrunch
Your nose in a bunch
When you have a hunch

Your highly magnetic eyes
As bright as a summer sky
Just looking gets me high

Your wit and your humour
There's nothing more cuter
So, I wrote you this letter

©Schizology Things you do

#Things #Her #Do


things you should do in a day #Motivational

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