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Faisal Zaidi

Celestial dance #Poetry

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 Celestial dance


Celestial dove

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Your sweet love
The way you serenade me
Like a celestial dove
Brings me to my knees
My only muse
My one sweet sin
You I would choose
But my heart you must win Celestial dove

Santosh Kumar

divinity #फ़िल्म

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Gurjeet kour Ghuman

My celestial shrine. #poem

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Sudhansu Senapati


He the master of celestial dance,
Creator and destroyer of cosmos,
That which comes have to go,
He destroys to create.

His wrath knows no bounds,
The cosmos havoc at his anger,
So is his blessings for faithful, 
The all encompassing one.

He dances in grief and anger,
Also in joy , love and ecstasy, 
Whole creation dances with him,
He and his creation merge together.  #tandav #celestial #dance

Sudhansu Senapati

Black hole

Monster in the cosmic space,
Sucks all into his mouth,
Nothing visible inside, 
Black hole the monster of cosmos. 

Celestial savage sits somewhere,
Light, matter, All it engulfs,
Know not what goes inside,
All goes in, Nothing comes out.

Enigma for a miniscule matter like me,
Satan or the loving monster is it,
It attracts,  engulfs, assimilate ,
Intense celestial love or ravage.

Who knows ecstasy in ravage,
To lose oneself,  mingle with others,
Lose  identity, surrender to infinity .

 #blackholes #ravage #celestial