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Kundan Kumar

#Request #Duffy#DUFFO #Duff #😉😘

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Seyyid Ali

Karol Zayede #poem #Love #Ode

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I Love Thy Splashes On My Lashes,
I Saw An Army On My Morning,
There Jasmines And Roses Were Mail;
With Thy Yellow Illumine.

And Dew Drops Were Glow,
A Blood Diamond On Leaves.
Shows Your Shine On Wherever I Glaze.
Birds Sing Ballad And Squirrels Squeak.
And You Are The Cupid,An Unavoidable Wine,
You An Erotica One Can't Explain,
And You Can't Take The Thirst Of One Who Made;
An Ode! Karol Zayede 

Seyyid Ali

#poem #Nature #Love #mother_nature Karol Zayede

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Simply Beautiful

I saw an elysium on the ground,
It's made the yard beautiful around.
Chipmunks were on above,
Of the tree on the snow side wood,
Simply beautiful with dew and delicious fruits.
Bumble bees and butterflies, how beautiful, they sucks.
And on leaves, where hide some insects who prey.
Spider's web and honey bees's home, some who plucks.
Where everyone started their day, with the glory of sun's spectacles sway.
I made my day with the beautiful small things I have seen on that day.
Birds of so breeds who play the song of their soul,
with the beautiful sounds of them, how beautiful these adonis's of heaven.
Small and simple are they, but enough to made one a beautiful haven.
They are the one who comes everyday home,
Without any invitation, for beautiful they are, now home.

Mother Nature's Daughters they Are.
Lord's clever and unsullied creatures they are.
For everything around us is clearly a glory of arts.
The great Artist's art they are, we are.
And the greatness even in simple things,
even in everything, even in a single mink.
The beauty of art of the One. #poem #nature #love #mother_nature  Karol Zayede

Seyyid Ali

Karol Zayede #poem #rain #Summer

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Breeze, Embraced.
Melted Odour Of The Sand Mumbled,
 When She Kisses The First Drop From The Blue Barbie Queen.
Fragrance Of The Novel Sand, Hushes And Breathe.
The Bird's Shelter Sway Along With The Herbs And Shrubs.
The Sweet Bells Jingled And Swing With The Zephyr's Dance.
Sea And Shore Made A Room For The Scabrous Sound.
Blue Made Her Canvas For Darkness.
And Done An Octopus's Finesse.
An Art Of Blaze Has Shown On Wherever A Man's Eyes Lies, Preceded By The Non-Melodious Song.
Mom Called Aloud,
Go, Go, O Tafetta!
It's Going To Rain Alissa!
She Takes Her Rainbow Coloured Mushroom Brolly And Leave The 'God Of Small Things' On The Table And Told, It's June.
My Summer Has Passed So Fast. Karol Zayede #poem #rain #summer

Akhilesh Kamble

Sara and carlo #Comedy

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Seyyid Ali

The Women, One Can't Imagine #poem #Free Verse #simile Karol Zayede

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To be loved, send your beloved, ere you go.
Wherever you leave, now she has her new assets.
Beautiful are those.
She is beautiful while she was with you,
A blue, sea wave, no word. 
She never lose her beauty if you leave her alone.
She is so charming, her first husband await.
There she kisses, millions of solitude she have.
 And one can't imagine the beauty of night she gave.
Nor a hundred, nor a thousand, nor a million,
She gives uncountable illumine.
She is the women, she is the true charmer,
one can't even dream.
She is the mystery of all mysteries,
secret of all secrets.
 She is the queen of every Emperor.
At night she adorn her maidens,
The most beautiful things that have ever maded.
She is so beautiful, and she made fear though.
A Mom, every essence of existance's affection.
She made you perfect, there she love.
She is the obstacle of the Majestic one.
The Emperor, The Truth.
Nor a cerebrum see! The Women, One Can't Imagine
#Poem #Free Verse #Simile Karol Zayede