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Debasmita Behera

#beleive in yourself urself

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It was your mistake   For believing the world 
rather than believing in  yourself...
when you know the truth .. that you came alone and also will go alone 
no one else will 
come back with you. #Beleive in yourself urself

Pari Thakur

Am i a person who's Nyctophile... 
want some solivagant... 
my cardio goes mellifluous...
want some morii in my life... 
am a great nefelibata!!! 
gadabout is mine last desire.

©Pari Thakur love yourself first......
#loveme #beyourself #Knowyourselfonyourown 

Shraddha Vitha

Love yourself first #Quote

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Agar mujhe khud se hi pyar nahi to main kisi se kya umeed karu ki woh mujhse pyar karega Love yourself first

Ranjit kumar Prasad

First love yourself. #विचार

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Divya saxena

first love yourself..

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think yourself..
do they actually love you..
or just..
no one can make you understand just start self love and learn to know your worth... first love yourself..