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man - hey ,, you like me ??                                             woman - no i dont like you                                                  man - but why ??                                                             woman- hihihi 😅😅because                                      beautiful girls not like anyone                                          man : - hmmm..                                                                woman : - you are old and i 'm bold ❤                          man : 😅you are bold                                                     woman : - yessss ofcorse ☺                                           man :- you are bold ' i 'm gold 😆😆😎                      woman : - 🙃                                                                        man : - 😎..😍

man and woman 👴👵 #unlike memes nojoto😅😅😆😎😍love..nojoto nojoto hindi #Nojoto poetryss qutos #Thoughts love❤..@neetu sharma✍

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Contest Update: Be Bold for Change - Winner Announcement!
A week back, we announced an initiative on Nojoto

The Objective was not just a contest, but to essentially awaken other people with what Nojoto community thinks about
The theme was
#Women because we started this initiative on International Women's day. 

We saw a lot of people coming together and expressing what
#BeBoldForChange means - through their thoughts, art, poems, music and much more. 

It was such an amazing time, because we saw the whole Nojoto Community coming together and raising their voice for something really really important. 

While everyone's ideology is right and true, and no one is wrong. 

As mentioned in the earlier story, the selection of the winner was dependent on: 
- Originality & Clarity of the thought
- How many people: 
        - Loved & AWSMed the story
        - Commented on the story
        - Shared it on Social Media  

Few very special people and their expression were priceless: 
- Hira's art
- Sachin's thoughts
- Pintu's art
- Annu's thoughts 
- Ansar's art
- Deepti's poem
- Emili's art
- Mubarakh's art

Selection of winner for the contest was very difficult. Because there were many poems that made us cry, many artwork that made us re-think, and many quotes that inspired so many people.

But based on the above criteria the winner for the contest is: 
Hira's Art: 

We wish Hira a big congratulations and wish that she keeps communicating
#BeBoldForChange through her art and inspire more people to become Bold. 

We request other people to not be disheartened in case they did not win, because: 
"We believe contribution towards expressing for
#BeBoldForChange had larger impact then who won it"

We will come up with more of such contests, from time to time, so that we all together can be one Voice, which will be heard by everyone in the world. 

In case, you have any idea for any other contest - please write to us as

(Or share it on the Nojoto Family Group on Facebook)
Here is the link to join the group:

In case of any other question or concern, please write to us as

Hira's Art (The winning entry)
She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings. 

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Don't care what others think,
Let them stare you without a blink. 
Strike them off with your red bold lips,
And keep them wondering all what is in.
Show it off with those lines on your cleavage,
And your shiney curves made of pure gold.
Let them have an eye on your curves,
And say it loud lo and behold ! 😍
Don't care what others think,
Let them stare you without a blink. 😘

#bold #girl

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Being crazy in childhood
Made me bold in adulthood
Loosening the strings of snake
Placing bombs under desk
Just made me bold.

Got in love with technology
Which made me look into the world
It made me a dropout
But it was a turning point in my life.

That was when I thought,
Of conquering the world,
That was the time
When the world started calling me
"Steve Jobs..!!"

crazy Dedicating dis poem to one of my role models... steve jobs... really impressed by his life.. so thought to write down a poem about his life....

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She's beautiful. She's bold.
She's on a spree, dont try to hold.
A mix of traditions old and new
She's true. She is you.

She is you.
#Beautiful #bold #oldandnew

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