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Sunil Naidu

Bangalore weather #నాలెడ్జ్

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Ujala Selflover

pleasent weather #Love

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uk the creative girl

Dinkar Jha

First half of Mi vs RR match report #Videos

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Sonu Kumar

#Mukhtar Ansari ka report a gaya haipostmortemreport #न्यूज़

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pitter das

#Hot weather

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Sana Ekram

Patna weather #Life

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Krishna Dubey

weather 😍🥰 #Life

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Weather #weather poem✍🧡🧡💛 #clouds #Poetry

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Sun says to the cloud
Move along please
It's time for my shift

Cloud says to the sun
I came from the east
I will leave with the drift

Sun replies to cloud
It's the end of your lease
My light gives a lift

Cloud answers again
That is just a tease
My water is a gift

Sun in return says
With no light things cease
Plants will begin to shift

Cloud snaps back
Without water you see
Plants will become stiff

Moon was listening
I really want some peace
I will solve your tiff

Moon suggests

Cloud will rain
After sun has fatigued
Sun can shine
After cloud met his need

Sun and cloud agreed
To share the sky together
Creating all kinds of weather

©Schizology Weather

#weather #poem✍🧡🧡💛 #clouds