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Dungeons and dragons movie #films

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Babu Lal


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Monika Goel

dragon city all dragons

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Storm Enchantra

Inferno, the Benevolent Dragon a #dragon #Dragons #ShortStory #Family

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The raven haired man declares "This is our Savior & queen, Harmony. She's the first of her kind with heritage that includes orc, troll, elf, and human bloodlines. That's how she was able to begin to unite our world and end the war. No one knew Harmony existed or her heritage until a couple of years ago. She was hidden away, raised by dragons, at least until the resistance against the war, that all species had joined. A mage conducted a spell to see if her intentions were true, it showed she love all and had no knowledge she'd been created from all. When everyone learned of her intentions & heritage they named her queen of all."
So, Harmony began, "Please come home, great Inferno, king of dragons, help us rebuild our home". Inferno sighed, "how did you know?" Harmony grinned, "you are my Uncle and I've grown up hearing of your benevolence and those stories, made me love all and seek peace".

I hope you enjoyed my 1st real short story. Inferno, the Benevolent Dragon a #dragon #dragons #shortstory #family

Akshay Vasu

Other's battles #akshayvasu #Battle #Fight #Poetry

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Stop turning every battle of others into yours. Sometimes, amidst all the wars, all you need to become is the lighthouse, not the sword.

©Akshay Vasu Other's battles

#akshayvasu #battle #fight

Storm Enchantra

Pt 3 How will it end? #dragon #Dragons #ShortStory #Family

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"We believe that dragons should be free as those enslaved have caused catastrophe. It appears like you, we seek to the end the war, for our children didn't ask for this fight. To let our world continue this path, where one species is better than another, only ensures mutual destruction. We want all children to trample and tumble through the reborn worlds grass & water together, united."

Inferno's mouth begins to open, he's at a loss. Shudder speaks for him. "What's changed?" The maiden replies "This was only a rebellion. The war came to an end last month. Though are still rogues that seek destruction. The rest however, sent us to find & protect you. To let you know it's now safe."
Inferno grumbles shaking his head. "You mean to enslave us? Am I just suppose to take your word? Who are you?"
Contd Pt 3
How will it end?
#dragon #dragons #shortstory #family