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Bharath Nandibhatla

Skyline. But horizon's a curve. #Skyline #horizon #NAPOWRIMO

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The horizon is indeed a lie,
a beautiful one at it, though.
When the sky bows down
to meet the sea, his beau,
a noble act of love, innit?

Unlike the urban skyline
where buildings soar
in vain to reach the sky.
A falsehood taken seriously.

Yes, nature lied to us
about the distant horizon.
So we build a towering lie?

The horizon has set me
on voyages to the beyond.
The skyline has merely
dwarfed me to a blatant lie.
 Skyline. But horizon's a curve.

#skyline #horizon

Bharath Nandibhatla

Visit #Verseworth for more. Between the Horizon and Me.

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I stand before a ferocious bay,
trying to hear that silence it would say.
It's almost twilight, 
yet my heart's delight.
The waves roar, birds soar.
The sky leaves a hazy silhouette,
and the water would timely wet.

Chaos above and Chaos below,
but immense bliss within.
Yes, to relate to life's deep metaphors
in the depths of the mighty ocean.
The horizon greets me from beyond,
but an ocean stands between us.

The sun sets in the sky,
but the bliss within me doesn't.
Maybe he rose within.
Silence roars in joy,
noise could but only murmur.

As I stand along this beach,
there's only one thing I beseech:
"I realise the treasures are buried deep,
and the humanity in us, is but skin-deep.
Let's transcend the faith in contemporary time,
and revive the wealth in wrecks sublime." Visit #Verseworth for more.
Between the Horizon and Me.

Kiran Mukadam


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Good night #horizon

Krishna Salvi


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Har roj gum seh lete hai sochkr...
     kal khushi mil jaye #horizon

🇵🇰 aHmEd PaNHwaR 🇵🇰

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Pradip Jha

Iss chhoti si zindagi main, in aankho pe khwaab bahut hai, Zurm ka toh pata nahi sahab..                                                               par ilzaam bahut hai..

Lying has consequences. no matter how sweet the lie is or how believable it is.

©Pradip Jha #horizon