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Som adev

prayer for love #Love

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Raja meldi Raja meldi

I love you I miss you #પ્રેમ

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i love you #ಪ್ರೀತಿ

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god I need you 🥺 #SAD

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Parwez Alam 265

I love you #محبت

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All Types of videos creator

I love you #Videos

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Puja pari

I love you I love you #लव

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Lokesh Sharma

#i #Love #you

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उसके आने की आहट में हम यू इतने खुश हुए कि दिल ने धड़कना और सासों ने आना छोड़ दिया

©Lokesh Sharma #i #Love #you


You and I #you #i #Love#love❤

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You and I

You , you are something else
You , you do things to me unexplainable
You , you have me under your spell
You, your attraction is insatiable

You , you break the laws of physics
You , you seem to defy gravity
You , you float with your characteristics
You , you boldy enter my fantasy

I , I shake thinking about you
I, I sweat when I'm in your vicinity
I , I think what will she brew
I , I fall into your trap consistently

I , I trip over your loving heart
I , I tumble into your eyes
I , I knew it right from the start
I , I really wasn't very surprised

©Schizology You and I 

#you #i #love❤

Vinod Kumar

I LOVE YOU #Shayari

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