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Mox editz

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Anagha Ukaskar

White He earns high salary,
Wakes up at 5,
Gets ready for his work
In an expensive suit and tie.

His wife prepares his breakfast,
Adds few extra muffins.
Takes good care of his health,
Cooking high-protein meals for tiffin.

His daughter says Hi and Bye 
Everytime he leaves and returns,
For her, he is a superhero because 
Whenever she calls, he promptly runs.

His mother isn't with him anymore,
But everything he has done.
She must live on in his memories, 
He seems like a dutiful son.

Until it's an unfamiliar woman 
Whom he can't judge, 
Doesn't treat her with the same respect 
And he sometimes does fudge.

I don't know if it's a trait
Or a habit we've normalised,
But all women in the world 
Should be equally recognized.

Whether she is yours or not, she exists,
For someone, she is special.
We need to change this
And stop being partial.

©Anagha Ukaskar #Sad_shayri #poem #Poetry #English #Woman #equality

Anagha Ukaskar

I won't touch flowers today 
Because apparently they wither.
I won't go near anyone, 
I won't touch that peacock feather.

I won't walk around the garden,
I won't play in water.
And just staying still will hurt,
Even that joyful laughter.

The space that I needed 
Any other day...
It is as if I've been abandoned,
I didn't want it this way.

And I hate how I said "I won't"
Not that "I can't" because 
It wasn't taught, but slowly poisoned
And it's stuck in my heart.

©Anagha Ukaskar #Red #period #periods #girl #Woman #poem #Poetry #Poet


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Aayat Khan

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Dipu Sarkar

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