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Jay Raj

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Jay Raj

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Veer Mawane

Mitra De krke ni..
aj tute tare ni..
pind de bede de..
uthe beke oh yara..
Mitra de Geeta uthe..
kinne lekh likhe...💔
peed jo diti ni..
Ude krke tute tare ni...

©Veer Mawane #lyricist #lyrics #writer #lyric 



Let me love you Baby I just don't get it ,Do you enjoy being hurt?
I know you smelled the perfume, The make-up on his shirt
You don't believe his stories, You know that they're all lies
Bad as you are, you stick around ,And I just don't know why

If I was ya man baby you'd Never worry about what I do
I'd be coming home back to youbEvery night, doin' you right
You're the type of woman deserves good thingsFist full of diamonds hand full of rings
 Baby you're a star I just want to show you, you are
You should let me love you, Let me be the one to
Give you everything you want and need, Baby good love and protection,Make me your selection
Show you the way love's supposed to be,
Baby you  let me love you, 
                           continue...... #let me love you

#let me love you #poem

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Kirti Shrivastav

let me love you

let me love you



Megha Roy

let me love you let me love you

let me love you

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Maaz Alam

Let me love you People say in your lucent eyes,
Is the view of a pretty heaven.
Let me sit at door of that,
Baby, yet I love you even.

Guys  say your face has a power,
Are magical your gestures too.
Let me feel the magic and power:
Baby, Let me love you!

Some say you're a witch.
As cuning as a bitch.
To love I'll be dracula.
Let me love, that's my wish!

Friends say you're a nightmare.
Be away you and take care.
I'll start watchimg horror scene,
Let me love you, oh my dear! Let me love you!

Let me love you! #poem

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Dreamy Gunjan

Let me love you one time..
only one time..
just forget this world
only me & you
now keep quite🤫
let me love you🤗 #let me love you

#let me love you

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Akthari Begum

Lamhein de rahe dastak.

Lamhein hae haseen ,kerke 
Khush derahe sadayein,taskeen
Dil ko ho raha hae , ke kehne lge
Har pal zindagi ka 
Lamhein de rahe dastak. #yqlyrics #lyrisc #aktharilyrics #aktharilyrics   #lyrics #yqgoogle  #paidstory

Veer Mawane

Aj kal oh mitra..
mitra de dil vich..
Tere khaab ni yara..
kinne change vdia lagde..
oh veer Mawane Aala ni..
taur nal kri Mitra..
tere ❤️ vich yara
Jatti kregi Sarpanchi ni...

©Veer Mawane #lyrics #lyricist #lyrics_by_ #lyricist #lyric #Pind #writer #lyricist #Gwagon