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The SagaR Kurve

कहते है तुम लिखते बोहोत खुबसुरत हो 
क्या करे तुम दिखती भी तो बोहोत खुबसुरत हो #tarif

Suvam Panda

A strong meaning behind the quote...

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 मेरी कोशिश हमेशा यह रहती है

कि मैं आपको पेड़ दिखाओ

 ना कि उसकी जड़े.....😊😊

 A strong meaning behind the quote...

Kishan Joshi

life #Learning #Meaning #perspective love

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The perspectives for doing things have stronger impact on what you are learning.... #life 

Rohit Sapra

A Meaning #Thoughts

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Some hope is always present
This hope is limited but it is still present
Limitations cannot make the hope vanish
This is something which finds a reason
That reason is filled with limitations because it presents a reason of being present 
When such a reason is present then all is fine
The reason has a valid meaning, which only adds to the whole purpose.

©Rohit Sapra A Meaning

Abhineet Verma

learning + earning #Quote

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Make your learning
        to make your earning
                    (AbhineetVerma) learning + earning