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Pooja Udeshi

I think life after death is ultimate sleep that never end nor you woke up to see sunshine nor you feel anything or thought about anyone no pain no worries,only peace like we are doing long meditation that never end,no greed about next birth because this sleep is full of happiness,peace and relax from all worries that made our mind disturbed. "life after death"

"life after death"

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Endy Aswile

There is no life after death
There is no  forgiveness at all after your death 
 Hebrews 9:27

©Endy Aswile
  No life after death 
No forgiveness after death

No life after death No forgiveness after death #News



Varadhan P M

Everybody knows Man is mortal.

That's not the point.

The real concern is what you are going to achieve, so that your name lives!

even after your Death!  #life#death,#,mortal #live after death

life#Death,#,mortal #Live after death

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Ravi Ranjan

पूछा मैंने एक बार कब्र से
कैसे रहता है तू सब्र से
क्या करता है तू बातें रब से
या रहना सीख गया अकेले सब से The Life After Death.
#Nojoto #NojotoHindi

The Life After Death. #nojotohindi

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Nojoto English

 How should be your life after death?

How should be your life after death? #lifeafterdeath

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Nisha Sheikh

lonely quotes in hindi Hame Aati Hai Hansi Khud Apne Hi Taqdeer per Ab To Muqaddar Na Jine Deti Hai Aur Naahi Naseeb Se Maut Aati Hai  #NojotoQuote pain can change in word 
death after life

pain can change in word death after life

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kiran khan

Zindagy aik khoab hay jo hum kholi ankhon se dekhtay hn or ye khoab tb tot ta hay jb hmary ankhen hmesha k liay bnty hojaty hn.

©kiran khan
  #Life #Life_experience #Death #Eyes #open #close #after #Love

Deepanshu Nihalani

I lived another day, 
Just to see what death feels like Death and life! 
#death #life #inbetween

Death and life! #Death life #inbetween

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Death asked life :
        " why does everyone love you
          and hate me?"

Life repliec :
       "Because I am a beautiful 
        LIE and you are a painful
        TRUTH. "

©Fogie #Death 
conversation between death and life.

#Death #Life conversation between death and life.

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Akshay Vasu

Everything that we thought was keeping us alive was slowly killing us. And everything that we thought was killing us was gently filling us with life.

©Akshay Vasu Life and death

#life #death #akshayvasu #thoughts

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