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Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet)

All you need is that lost key,
To unlock that door standing in your way,
Rather than choosing to stay,
Locked in your own prison like a helpless stray,
To face your demons at bay,
And let them know that you are out there to slay.

©Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet) #lost #key #unlock #door #way #stay #helpless #stray #demons #slay

Majid Shaikh

Always stay... #Star

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People Go


How They Left Always Stay...

•Majid• Always stay...


NiKhiL KhUIE .....🖋️

#Time # कोरोना# stay home stey safe# family careLife #अनुभव

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अभी बाहर है करोना. इसलिये घर मै हि रहोना. बाहर मत पडोना. आपके साथ family ka bhi khayal karona..fhir mat kahana..bataya nahi tha.baad main fhir mat rona.woh bolata hai magar jane ka nahi. जिंदगी एक हि बार मिलती है. उसको मत खोना..बाहेर है कोरोणा. घर भैठकर कुछ भी करोना.. यह कहाना मान लो ना....🏠  मै रहोना.. #Time # कोरोना# stay home stey safe# family care#Life


Saty home #,Stay safe

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Shreya Chauhan

stay home saty safe..

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Er. Raghvendra Raja

Stay home atay safe

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Hello friends
I'm Raghvendra Singh
I want something explained with you about your life 
So please listen me what I want say. friends  I want say that you live at your home whole day and whole night because it is your responsibility for you and your family when you not care about its then you will go way of rorona and you felt sickness
After some days your body feel weakness.
Then you will go way of deaths.
It's not remain till you it's will spread in whole faimily and whole village. 
So please stay home stay safe. 
🙏 Stay home atay safe