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Akshay Vasu

Other's battles #akshayvasu #Battle #Fight #Poetry

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Stop turning every battle of others into yours. Sometimes, amidst all the wars, all you need to become is the lighthouse, not the sword.

©Akshay Vasu Other's battles

#akshayvasu #battle #fight

Arunima Anant

Battle to be brave! #yqbaba #yqtales #yoprowrimo life #Battles

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It's hard to be brave
Posing every moment that you are strong not naive
Battling every day the hardships that come your way
Hoping to hide the tears that are daring to fall during the day
Nobody understands what you are going through
But you still hope for someone to comfort you
Hoping against hope has always been the order of the day
You are always alone and that's the truth that prevails......... Battle to be brave! #yqbaba #yqtales #YoProWriMo #life #battles

Ashok Sah

The inside battle #Faith

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The Inside Battle

When I sit alone and immersed in the deep thought,
I recollect many battles which I had fought.
Obviously, there were no human casualties,
But that's the battle with my own mind's faculties.

Trust and treachery are the different sides of the coin,
And it swings uniformly indicating the uncertain line,
Faith and beliefs also trembles in the trying time, 
However, it can be rekindled with the help of mother devine.

I witnessed the ultimate hussle of darkness and light,
And the light dominates and win the fight,
After all, the darkness is just the absense of light,
Isn't a matter of ultimate delight ?

Truth and lies are jostling together,
Lies gain momentum and form a multiple layers,
No matter how many layers of lies stacked with each other,
Truth, with its vigour, wins the battle despite all the naysayers.

©Ashok Sah. The inside battle 

Anime series video

battle through the heavens #films

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Asha Prashanth

The battle belongs to the Lord #Society

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Veeru Kumar

battle through the havans the bast moment loV€fOR€v€R #Battle #veeru #न्यूज़

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