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Mera sawaal unn logon se..  Jo caste ko insaniyat se upar maante hai.. 

1. Hotel me jaate ho.. Tb puchhte ho..  Kya ki khana kis caste ka aadmii bna rha h..  
2. Jahan sabjii kharidne jaate ho wahan puchhte ho..  Ki ye sabji kis caste k aadmi ne todii hai
3.blood bank me puchhte ho kya ki ye kis caste yaa kis religion k bande ka khhon h..  
Answer dede jisme dam ho..  Challenge all of you..


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I want to convey my thoughts to india:
We all are failing as nation and lot of things. But most of us are falling as human. We doesn't need Hinduism or muslimism. We need only one thing among us that is humanity.
Ashifa was not a muslim or hindu girl. Ashifa was a child and We have to understand that child has no religion, no caste. all childs have same pain whatever the caste or religion. Why we are giving priority to religion and politics more than humanity

one more thing political parties keep changing, and opposition will keep questioning on current party. it will remain keep going. We cant do anything with this. only one thing we can do that is humanity among ourself. And we have to do. Why we are harming one another on the name of religion and caste. why we are not proving ourself as one nation. there are always some people from where this start. but some of them have to stop them by certain law and order. why we have that cheap mentality in ourself. why we have killed humanity. if anyone can change that is only you. please dont support religion, politics, caste etc. Support humanity. so any other child like Ashifa can be saved in future. Please think with pure mind don't became violent with each other. please stop acting as hinduism and muslism but start acting as human. We all need justice for Ashifa.

One message to those who are supporting the rapist using my country flag:
"You have no right to use my country flag. you have no right to say yourself as hindu. you have not right to go to our temple, gurudwara and masjids. you have not right to live in this world as well. You are big black mark on humanity".
#JusticeForAshifa #justiceforasifa

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I the Bramhan, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra.

I the Gujrati, Rajasthani, Maharashtrian, Bengali, Bihari, Punjabi, etc.

I the Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Parsi, Jain, etc

I the Indian, American, European, African, Korean, etc

As per us this is our base, our caste, our sub caste, our sect our sub sect. This is our religion, this our duty. Right? No!! We always end up misunderstanding it as our base, sect, and religion.

Our base is being Human
Our sect is being Humanitarian
Our religion is Humanity.

It must always be
"I the human" rather than above statements.
Religion, Sect, Caste is made for human to lead a better life, Humans are not made for these things, these things are made for humans.
Its not about different country, state, districts, cities, caste or even one houses.
its about one world where we humans live.

Lets be Human and follow Humanity


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Are the "Backward caste" people less capable than the so called "General" commoners? Quite often, the cover page of the newspaper states 

'A girl from a very poor family tops the exam '

The reservation system only shows the weakness and fragility of the backward caste people instead of making them realise they are stronger and more capable than the Generals let alone the abundance of hardships in life making them more industrious and true strugglers.

The differentiation of castes may not be of much importance after ending this system which does nothing but differentiate people and make "castes"  more prominent in the society

Caste and reservation system-INDIA

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caste WON... 
brain WON.... 

    nandini... **..

#Heart #Brain#Love#caste

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