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Prince Martin

Once upon a Time...

In the small town of Bellbridge, there lived two best friends named Martin and Louis.They had been inseparable since they were little, they Shared countless adventures and created cherished memories with each other. Their bond was unbreakable, built on the foundation of Love, Trust, Loyalty and a deep understanding of each other's soul.

As they grew older, life took them on different paths. Martin became a doctor, dedicating his life to helping others, while Louis pursued his passion  for art, striving to bring beauty into the world. Despite their divergent careers, their friendship remains steadfast. 

One fateful day, tragedy struck both friends. Louis was diagnosed with a terminal illness, leaving him gasping for life. But even in his darkest hour, Martin stood by his side, determined to do whatever it took to save his friend. When everyone was giving up on Louis, Martin was the only one who stood by his side. With a heavy heart, Martin made the ultimate sacrifice. He offered his own life as a gift to Louis, hoping that it would give his friend a second chance to live his life.  Martin's selflessness knew no bonds as he understood that true friendship means, putting the needs of others above one's own.

After Martin's death, Louis was engulfed in grief,unable to comprehend the magnitude of his friend's sacrifice. As he tried to come to terms with his loss, he stumbled upon a forgotten diary among Martin's belongings. Curiosity sparked within Louis as he opened it, discovering the essence of his dear friend's thoughts and emotions. 

Page by page, Louis delved into the diary, through Martin's heartfelt words and intimate reflections. Each entry unfolded a beautiful tapestry of their friendship, revealing the depth of Martin's love and his unwavering commitment to Louie's happiness.

©Prince Martin #Friendship #story #short

Bablu Sharma

short video storyvirsl #मोटिवेशनल

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Mangal Ruidas

Soneswar Rajbongshi

Story #short #SAD

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#Sad_shayri love story short video #Love

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short horror story #Videos

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Rajkumar Gupta

political short story #election

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सिंह एक शायर

Short Story #SAD

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बस कुछ साल ही रह पाया उसके साथ,लेकिन उन कुछ सालों में जिंदगी भर की यादें हैं ,आज वो मेरे पास नहीं है लेकिन हर पल मेरे साथ है, मेरी यादों में मेरे एहसासों में,काफी साल हो गए उससे दूर हुए पर इन सालों में ऐसा कोई दिन नहीं जब मैंने उसे याद नहीं किया,भले ही वक्त बहुत तेजी से बीत रहा है पर मैं खुद को आज भी वहीं पता हूँ जहां बरसों पहले उसने मुझे छोड़ा था,जब उससे आखिरी बार मैं मिला तो वो उसकी आंखों में आंसू थे और चेहरे पे डर की क्या मैं उसके बिना रह पाऊंगा उसने मेरा हाथ थामा और कहा की तुम कभी मुझे याद कर के उदास मत होना बल्कि मुझे याद कर के मुस्कुराना,मैंने उससे वादा किया कि मैं रोऊंगा नहीं और शायद आज तक मैं उससे किये वादे को निभा रहा हूँ।

©सिंह एक शायर Short Story

Prince Martin

White Title: "A Mother's Legacy"

In a quiet town nestled in the serene countryside, a mother named Rebecca found herself facing a poignant moment. Her son, Daniel, had grown up and was about to embark on a new chapter of his life. As she looked back on the years that had passed, she realized the importance of leaving behind a lasting legacy for her beloved son.

In the midst of packing Daniel's belongings, Rebecca discovered a worn journal she had kept throughout his childhood. Filled with memories, advice, and words of love, the journal was a treasure trove of wisdom that she had carefully documented over the years. With tears in her eyes, Rebecca penned a final entry for her son, pouring out her heart and soul onto the pages.

In the quiet of the night, as Daniel slept peacefully, Rebecca placed the journal on his bedside table along with a heartfelt note. She whispered a silent prayer, knowing that her words would be a source of comfort and guidance for him in the years to come.

Years passed, and Daniel encountered challenges and moments of joy in his life. Through it all, he turned to the journal his mother had lovingly left for him, finding solace in her words and strength in her wisdom. The pages of the journal became a beacon of light, guiding him through life's twists and turns.

As Daniel reflected on the invaluable lessons he had learned from his mother's journal, he realized the true treasure that he possessed. Beyond the words on the pages, he carried with him the unwavering love and unwavering support of his mother, a legacy that would endure for generations to come.

Moral of the Story: Time and effort spent sharing wisdom, love, and guidance with our loved ones can create a lasting legacy that transcends time and distance, bringing comfort and strength when it is needed most.

©Prince Martin #Night #story #Love #Legacy #short #story

Pankaj Kumar