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Fake Friends - Never ask for food..
Real Friends - Are the reason you have NO

Fake Friends - Call your parents Mr. / Mrs.
Real Friends - Call your parents Dad / Mom

Fake Friends - Never have seen you cry..
Real Friends - Cry with you

Fake Friends - Borrow your stuff for a few
days, then give it back
Real Friends - Keep your stuff so long, they
forget it's yours!

Fake Friends - Know a few things about you..
Real Friends - Could write a book about you

Fake Friends - Would knock on your front door..
Real Friends - Walk right in and say "I'm home!"

Fake Friends - Will help you up when you fall
Real Friends - Will jump on top of you and
shout "dog pile!"

Fake Friends - Are around for a while..
Real Friends - Are for life

Fake Friends - Say "love you" in a joking
Real Friends - say "I love you" and they mean


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There are many things that first love get credit for but you deserve more recognition!

You made me believe in love again after my heart was crushed into million tiny pieces.

You made me laugh again.

You made me stop believing that all girls treated guys badly.

I know it wasn't easy.

I know I am hard to love.
but you did it your patient, Caing, understanding and protective every minute of every day. you brought so much happiness that I never thought I would feel again for everything you thought went unnoticed they did not they have been right here in my heart in my head all alone

Thank you for

Holding me when I Would Sob in onsolably about the past &another person who hurt me.

Showing me how I actually deserve to be treated.

Being  patient when I doubted you at a times only because my first love caused me to have those insecurities!

Giving me a new days and traditions to embrace and love.

Proving to me that I was actually enough just the way I was.

Encouraging me when I wanted to try something new & not trying and control me.

Acting proud to be my girlfriend.

Giving me space and time when I nedded it. Instead of accusing me.

Fighting for me when I shut down and shut you away.

Letting me be sad when I needed to.

Taking silly picture with me and putting them on social media instead of hiding the fact that you have a boyfriend.

Encouraging me to be friends with other girls whoever I wanted to be friends with.

Accepting that I am broken.

Loving me exactly the way I am.

I won't say first is the worst, but with you, I will say second is the best.

Thank you for teaching me so much about myself and love

Thank you for teaching me about growth forgiveness and accepting change.

Thank you for coming into my life when I needed a second chance.

Lastly thank you for making me happy in so many new ways! your first love that loves having you as his second love..
#nojotophoto #OkBye

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Encouraging oneself is more difficult than encouraging others..

Have a wonderful day🌻 #NojotoQuote


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Well its tough to have them...
Choosing Friends is easy,
But remaining loyal to them is difficult...
Sitting with friends is easy,
But keeping them close to hearts is difficult...
Spending time with friends is easy,
But taking out time for them is difficult...
Sharing pain with friends is easy,
But Listening to friend's pain is difficult...
Helping Friends is easy,
But helping them without any expectations is difficult...
Similarly ;
Seeing Friends in good times is easy,
But seeing them in bad times is difficult...
And its then when , 
Hard times shows us our True Friends...
So Having Friends and spending time with that True idiot is difficult !


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आज का topic तो मुझे मिल गया है 
  लेकिन सोच रही हूँ की किस दोस्त से बात शुरू करू 
किस की सबसे पहले बात करू 
facebook  पर तो friends की एक लम्बी line लग चुकी है ,
लेकिन मैने आज तक एक से भी बात नहीं की है 
ये हुई facebook friends की बात |

अब बात करती हूँ nojoto के friends की 
यहा पर friends भले ही कम है लेकिन जो भी है 
by god सब लाजवाब है ,सब में telent कूट कूट के भरा है , 
और सब एक दुसरे के sapport में है|

school,college friends की बात करू तो,
 उनमे भी मेरे गिने चुने friend थे 
जो अब कही और ही busy है |

life में मेरे friends की तो कमी ही रही है 
but वो कमी nojoto ने पूरी कर दी है 
nojoto जैसे friends अगर सबको मिल जाए 
तो कहना ही कुछ और ,life की सारी problem ही solve हो जाए |

by :-akshita jangid 

#एक पैगाम nojoto friends के नाम #Love you nojoto and all notojo friends #Poetry #Nojoto

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