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Asiya Shaikh

Whenever I wake up, the first thought comes in my mind is dreams. Perhaps I get up form the dreamscape called as sleep but there I don't find any owndom belongs to me. Everything is so strange and unpleasant, though I paid complete rent of there in the monetary of hardships. Either the residence fails to accept me or as a tenant I am falling. Even after large span of togetherness, we cease the company of eachother and happy to depart like anything. The pleasure I got on waking up is what people called as home coming? Home coming.

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Homecoming :) :) :)

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Ten days to go. Homecoming :) :) :)

Krishnendu Krish Ghosh


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As if there wasn't much sky !
As if they were gone somewhere to fly !

Lets shake the wind a bit ;
Lets kick the wave a tad .

Told them    " it's homecoming".

Before the hearts lie.


Her trembling hands clasped his young body .
Her old eyes brighter than the sun.
Her ailing lungs breathed faster than the storms.
Her expressions indefinable even by omnipresent god.

Yes, her grandson returned to her after six long years ! #Homecoming #yqbaba


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SiDdharth Topey

Aey Zindagi Tere khel se Hairan ho gaya hu...
Ajnabiyo se karib...apno se dur aisa insan ho gya hu...
Pehle to Apna thikana wo ek hi Makan tha....
Abb apne hi ghar me mehman ho gya hu...

-SiDdharth Topey #nojotohindi #homecoming