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Faiza Ali

violence of silence !

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once , i thought that have a lot , 
nothing usual _but had a plot , 
wondered for talks , had silent walks! 
imagined the world  for peace at all ; 

 violence of silence vanished the peace , 
world is nothing, but  disappeared piece , 
the space that shivers the souls   , 
a lot of aliens in  world floors ! 

talking about the  fantasy of space , 
not having even a small heart space ; 
once , i thought that feel a lot , 
feeling killed my existence at all , 

folk some remained and some unremained , 
for the minds that mind and unmind , 
observing the nature of the folk , 
i got nothing , but a plain tord ! violence of silence !


corona # Isolation insulation

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Come out of the crowd and make others feel a proud.

©Masoom ul haq Masoom corona # Isolation insulation


#Isolation self motivation #Motivational

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Manoramasinh (Hri Om)

Power of silence 💫 #Silence #Soul #Solution #Inspiration #Drops #Life

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Narendra kumar

#Isolation My silence means........ #ఆలోచనలు

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Bhawana Negi

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