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Arjun kumar

#Pun #Fun #Comedy

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ek killer form bhar rha tha.. 
लिंग bharna tha n usne likh diya 
KILLING 😜 #pun #fun

Anupam Mishra

चल हट, दूर हट
अँधेरा गया अब छट,
जाग गया ये तट, 
घर चल झटपट;
बहुत हुयी प्यार की रट,
अब खोले घर के पट,
काम करने हैं फटाफट,
बाँध लूँ पहले ये लट। #fun #pun #मोहब्बत

Krishna Tripathi ( Anant)

A girl wants your attention , not your money.
A girl wants to ride in your love , not in your car.
A girl wants you to be with you all the time ,not only in happiness
A girl wants you to make her feel special , doesn't not want special addition Gucci.
A girl wants to share Ur food whatever you got, doesn't want to have rajdhani .
A girl wants to you like her , not her make up which is paid by herself.
Most importantly a girl wants a boy who is not a liar like me. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 
#pun #sarcasm  #NojotoQuote #fun #pun #sarcasm #love

Sahil Pruthi

Who does Gautam Gambhir call when he loves the taste of his food?
Yummy Gautam. Majedaar pun
#pun #punny #punchayat #sirpunch #fun #funny #funnyquotes

sanwale_shabd ( श्याम )

if you are in pune, join us Poetry #Shayari

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Sahil Pruthi

My dentist tells me to brush my teeth everyday. I tried to bribe the dentist, and not tell this to my mom. He refused, said he doesn't believe in brushtachaar. :/
#pun #punny #punchayat #fun #funny