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love shayari in English #Quotes

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Navita Barai

first try in English...

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U touched me..
U hugged me..
U kissed me...
After that u are saying me
 that U dont love me..
Who the hell are u to cheat me..

NAVITA BARAI.. first try in English...

Vishal siotra

#blindeyes first in english

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First quotes in English..

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You are my  I don't care..
What are you think about me..
But please listen me..
You are my dream..
You are my desire..
You are my love..
I am your..
You are my.. First quotes in English..

Prashant Gupta

First time in English

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Money can buy happiness for your face only .
What about happiness of soul,
Once try to take care of someone... First time in English

praveen gupta

In love world.shayari in English

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Understood in the world of love, 
when you love one, 
Why do you fall in love with the other.
                       -gupta In love world.#shayari in English