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The problem is not 
her dress or jeans
the problem is how 
small your mind is. #poem #poetry #poet #writer #writers #poem #quotes #quoted

Shraddha Raut

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Nil Khatal

जसा गंध निघतो हवेच्या प्रवासा
न कुठले नकाशे, न अनुमान काही...! #writer #love #quotes #writers #poem

Monisha Gopal

Story of a writer's lover. #yourquote #Quotes #writer #words #quoteoftheday #quotestagram

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When you want to stay alive in someone else's stories forever, find a person who lets words tip-toe on the piece of paper each time a thought or a feeling waves a "Hi" at him/her.  Story of a writer's lover. 
#yourquote #quotes #writer #words #quoteoftheday #quotestagram

Deepak Gupta

best quotes of hindi #quaotes

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Talha Najeeb

the writes of beat writer.

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one day,you'll find yourself scaredof getting home so you'll prefer to spend hours with those people may be your'll smile , you'll laugh but deep dowm in your heart you know you are not ok as you're able to feel the pain in every single bone of your body ,you know your heart is craving for peace but then you have to get home as your bed is waiting for your body holding on to the tired soul of yours and your pillow is waiting for your tears beacuse you are done with another bad day successfully.

// i hope lifes treat you well.

فاریہ سجاد the writes of beat writer.