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Bharath Nandibhatla

Skyline. But horizon's a curve. #Skyline #horizon #NAPOWRIMO

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The horizon is indeed a lie,
a beautiful one at it, though.
When the sky bows down
to meet the sea, his beau,
a noble act of love, innit?

Unlike the urban skyline
where buildings soar
in vain to reach the sky.
A falsehood taken seriously.

Yes, nature lied to us
about the distant horizon.
So we build a towering lie?

The horizon has set me
on voyages to the beyond.
The skyline has merely
dwarfed me to a blatant lie.
 Skyline. But horizon's a curve.

#skyline #horizon

The SagaR Kurve

कहते है तुम लिखते बोहोत खुबसुरत हो 
क्या करे तुम दिखती भी तो बोहोत खुबसुरत हो #tarif

Kishan Joshi

life #Learning #Meaning #perspective love

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The perspectives for doing things have stronger impact on what you are learning.... #life 

Rakesh Gosai

Life is more meaning full.....

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Dark nights In the world of social media,where people post about their big brands, fancy check-ins an expensive vacations. I love people who share little joys of life, the little things, inexpensive but full of life, full of humanity, full of kindnesses and full of themselves, their real self. I really think that the world needs more heart even in the social media. All this show-off isn't what life is about. Life is more meaningful. Life is more meaning full.....

Arvind Tegwal

a fore meaning #nojotophoto #कला

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 a fore meaning