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Priya Anand jha

# beauty and the beast

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क्यों कोसा जाता है भरे बाजारो में बदसूरती को
नीलामी  को बढावा तो अक्सर हसीन चेहरे देते  है। # beauty and the beast

Anil Sain

#veins #Beauty and #Beast

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Your beauty is not immenseness
but immenseness is  your beauty.... 

                   -Anil 😊 #veins #Beauty and #Beast

Khushi Thakur

voice #Beauty and the beast #Poetry

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Sai Manohar

Beauty and the Beast 💜

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Tethered by elastic time
I was a wandering untamed beast
Grazing upon fresh pastures of romance
Until I spotted thy trickling brook of love
Having now sipped to my heart's brim
I lie famished off futile escapades
In the serene shade of reveries
Under the mighty oak of the past
Nibbling on fallen dry memories

 Beauty and the Beast 💜

Nandhini Subramaniyan

#Love between the Beast and the Beauty...#Beautiful Love....#forever

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Mr. Pathak

Mother Nature - Beauty and the Beast #poem

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