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After meeting the girl he became jack
Started becoming childish
He never knew that his rose has spines too
Removing spines from his rose he made her flawless,
lack of understanding his rose was
He loves her so much, 
That it was his weak point
Fallen in love with her still he wishes to be the crown 
of his life,
His desert started turning into an greenery
Egoistic he was but having that rose in his life he started
becaming a child
He still thinks that he was mr gatsby who wishes to be crown
👑 of his life
Meeting his daisy
still he wishes to pursue his life's crown to become Mr Gatsby
Daisy still wishes to be with him for everysecond
but he wishes to be Mr Gatsby powerful in the world
He was not able to spend time with his so called daisy

# His memories ❤️

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first exam away from home. 

(read the post in caption.) #NojotoQuote

Exam: When you stay away from family for first time!
It is the start of my exams. However, This is not just my first exam away from home, it is the start of extremely difficult examination of passing this period of trial and tribulation. It takes courage, it really does to go to the examination hall without that hug from your parents. It rips the heart off to get up on that annoying alarm tune instead of the screams of mummy . It doesn't feel good to make yourself that coffee even in your exam days or maybe just I am used to having that coffee made by my mummy. It brings tears to my eyes having to eat that cold food after returning from exam, having to go to the examination hall without that special recipe of breakfast you always made: some love, some care and too many blessings. It doesn't feel good to finally be that responsible kid studying on her own, something parents always wanted. The constant voices of parents to "study now" still hit my ears . There isn't anyone to wipe out the tears I shed after having that bad paper. There is no one to smile wider than me when the paper is an achievement. There is no one to make me feel good when I just feel extra stressed.
You never understand the worth of water until the river is dry. That's what I felt today! I miss my parents. I miss my room. I miss that annoying sibling who used to changed into the sweetest person during exams. I miss home. I miss the food made my mummy. I just feel missing, like a part of me is lost somewhere in the conquest of finding something else.
#MajorMissing #examtime #Family #Love #Care #Concerns #blogpost #lovewriting #SAD

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He was all late once again 
Like he has always been 
He asked permission to the teacher present in the hall. May I come in sir?
He was welcomed with a frisky look. 
Sehnaz was surprised seeing Rohit. 

Sehnaz worked really hard for this entrance examination 
It was her dream to get into the National Law University. As they say with good comes something bad same was for Sehnaz. 
At times she cursed herself for being the topper. 

There was always an extra added load on her shoulder of proving her friends wrong alongside her parents. 

Her friends and classmates never really saw what Rohit saw. Her friends and classmates had their own versions of Sehnaz.
Some said she was good at parroting. 
Some said she was egoistic. 
None of them were true. 

Rohit knew she was the brightest amongst all. 
He knew from the day he saw her. 

You might be thinking who is Rohit? 

He is the same guy who came late in the examination hall. 

Some said a looser, 
Some said a nerd, 
Some said चूतिया. 

Hero to my story. 
He was good for nothing 
Neither the coolest one 
Neither the brightest one
He knew nothing 
Humblest of all
He was told love happened only after marriage until the day he saw Sehnaz. 

It is a one sided affair. 
Sehnaz never knew about Rohit. 

It's been 5yrs now we are all moving on but Rohit couldn't. 
He was there siting beside Sehnaz appearing for the entrance examination. 
He just didn't wanted to leave her.


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When I'm online No one Text me.
But when I'm Busy,

Still no one text me😅

No one text... 😅😅

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"when do you think the most silly about me?",
She asked.

"you're online still don't text me anything
but when I text the immediate turning into double
blue tick and caught reading our old conversations",
I replied.

don't wait just text him/her first.

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