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Some People have nice faces, Some people have nice smiles, some people have nice eyes but you have all of them tapped together with a nice heart.

To Everyone who loves someone in their Life.

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Like recently everyone using this stuff like bestie and that looks too annoying to me.... you can call best friend him/her but no she is my besti/bestu/shit/etc... and on.
Now a day, like trend is going on when a girl post any picture she writes in her caption " my bestie.... muhhhu muhhh love... and fuck on"
Now and dear boy like be talk to any girl gets always gets compared with her friend may be a boy or a girl and which i hate the most !!
Like when yu are too funny to her she will say, "Even my bestie is not that funny, so nice of yu... ha ha ha."
When yu are to possessive towards her same...same,"Even my bestie is not that possessive toward, so nice of yu...."
Now like literally.... i saw such girls who always compares with there besties...
Now a moment comes where, i am at that level like.... i shit too nice and i ask her to say, " oh !! Even my bestie does the same shit, so nice of your shit..."
Thank you so much guys for reading. Hope yu hate there besties too 😂
#bestie #Hate #writers

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Nice Guy Finish First

He likes not to argue, 
He hides his inner plague, 
He doesn't show, is a nice guy;
To make himself as a good boy,
But world want more- 
Not honest not pure. 

He gains nothing lost much, 
As a nice guy he bleed much. 

He hides his conflict,
And gentle to all; 
Perfect kill complain, 
And play a bourgeois role. 

Gentle, Perfect, Honest and Respect, 
Are cowards canopy on conflict and perfect. 

Nice Guy Finish First

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The next morng i wish her gud mrng..with a mrng greeting..
And i dun knw why but she
was very angry at that time...
She simply said,''bye.''
Don't talk to me...
Then i asked the reason for her angerness..
She replied sorry yaar..
I asked why..??
She- me hmesa kisi aur ka gussa kisi aur pe utar
deti hoon..
i dun knw log aisha kyu karte
hai..phle to khud baatein chupate hai..
aur phir hme kisi aur se pta chlta hai to excuses bnate
jaise hme kuch pta hi na ho..disgusting..
Dey r something from inside and something from outside..fake..
(i didn't get that it was her exact wordings.. )
He- to m hi milta hoon kya sbka gussa utarne k
After that she didn't rply me for 30-40 minutes..
I sent a msg to her...''oye mujhe tujhse kuch
kaam hai..''
She- kyuki sbse jyada bkwaas tumhi krte ho
isiliye tumhi milte ho.. And kya kaam tha..??
He- kuch nahi yaal wo to idea tha rply lene ka..
And m aisha hi thik hu..
ladkiyoon se simple baatein kro to bolti hai..saala cheap line marne ki sochta hai..
She- hahahaha ladko ki simple baatein bhi simple ni hoti...
Then she said tum aishi baatein bhi kar lete ho..
He- omg! Line maar ri ho kya.. hahaha
She- nahi..abhi scale nhi h na..line maari to tedi
bhi lag skti h..phir kahin bhi ja skti hai..
He- hahaha to phle scale khrid le..
She- nahi..zarurt nhi hai..
He- to kab pdegi..??
She- wo to pta ni..
He- to kisi ''baba'' se pooch le..wo bta dega..
She- i don't believe in all these rubbish things..
He- hmmmm..nw bye t'cr..
She- bye..
The next day..
He-(in funny mood).. Oye line kaise marte hai
mujhe sikhao na..??
She- hmmm...kya baat hai..?? Tujhe kon mil gyi
He- bta na..
She- yaar ladkiyon ko line marni hi nahi
chahiye..unko bas thoda sa style maaro khud hi
piche aa jayengi..
He- styles..?? Jaise..??
She- main kya line marne ka tution deti hoon..??
He- main tujhpe marne ki soch rha tha but
tumne btaya hi nahi..
She- acha hua nahi btaya... And dun even think
abt it okk...
And haan idiot 9 baj gye bye gud nyt swt drms..
He- gud nyt swt drms u too...
Meri bkwass ki taraf se ek sher arz kiya hai.. Inni pyaar se bye mt bol pagli ...nahi to pyaar se tujhe pyaar wala pyaar ho jayega...
But she didn't rply for it at that time..then i also
went to my bed..and started thinking abt her
rply for it...sochte sochte pta hi ni chla kb so gya
Then i woke up in the mrng..nd as usual
checked my phn.. And saw a msg from her..
She- omg kya hoga tumhara... Gud mrng have a
nyc day,..
He- gud mrng n same to u...
In the night...
I sent a msg....and that msg was... " ye le meri line oye ____________________­__________ ____"
Mili kya meri line..???
She- kya kar rhe ho..???
Pagal ho tum..?? Inni lambi line maroge kya...??
And this was the last msg from her on that 11:18 pm...
I was in bed at that time...and was sleeping...

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Hey writers ,
Please write such kinda stuff which are little easy to read & understand for the normal readers.
Let every individual make a good stand on your wordings.
Express your wonderful words for upbringing the change in the environment and let everyone acquire the peace and love.


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