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shabukp kochu

Enemy is the best #thought

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"My enemy is the best, he who helped me to find me out the best having in me" Enemy is the best

the nash capper

poverty is the biggest enemy

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dusro ki madad krna to sirf ek dikhava hai....asli maksad to duniya ko apna paisa dikhana hai. . madad krne vali log dikhate nhi......unki duaye lekar kisi ke saamne vo hath phailate nhi..... poverty is the biggest enemy

Manish Kumar meena

time is your and time is your enemy #अनुभव

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Ajith Kumar

My Dear Enemy #ememy #against #Knowledge

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When there is no 
enemy within,
the enemies 
 cannot hurt

©Ajith Kumar My Dear Enemy
#ememy #against

Varun Vij

Silence is the enemy! #cinemagraph

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Silence threatens the existence and
sanity of any bond. Once it sinks in
it doesn't take long for it to disrupt
even the strongest bonds which
are meant to be but fail against it! Silence is the enemy! 


Deepu Patil

filling #darkness

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एक तू ही है जिसे 
हर किस्सा सुनाने को जी चाहता हैं

यू तो हमारी लब्ज़ सुनने 
को सरी दुनिया बेताब है

©Deepu Patil filling